The Hypocrisy of it all

I find it very interesting that many of the Townspeople are up in arms about Sylvester Warren the III. We have even received articles by mail and by the internet, some of the information of which was on our previous blog site.

But let’s face the fact people, although it was illegal it was a business and if people would not have purchased from the family trade they would have purchased it from someone else. That is the problem with drug use and many time it has started with a doctor’s prescription which ultimately ruined a person’s life.

While Mr. Warren is being condemned for his past for which he has made restitution, the Old Guard of White Springs didn’t seem to mind that Tommie Jerome Jones had a worse checkered past. Helen Miller, Walter McKenzie and the balance of the council seemed to feel it was okay to hire him as a consultant, town manager who handled all financials for the Town. Yet he was not a very smart criminal because he certainly got caught alot and even after his incarceration, he continued violating more laws and getting caught again.

Let’s look at what we know about Mr. Jones:

09/04/2015        Misdemeanor Fish/Wildlife Violation

04/20/2010        Traffic Infraction – Unlawful Speed

01/12/2005        Felony Third Degree   Cocaine/ Possession

01/12/2005         Felony Third Degree  Tampered with Physical Evidence

01/12/2005         Misdemeanor Class 1   Resisted Officer without violence

07/06/2001        Felony Third Degree

07/27/2001        Felony Third Degree  Cocaine Possession

06/13/1991        Misdemeanor Class 1   Resisted Officer without violence

06/13/1991        Misdemeanor Class 1 Weapon/ FA Improper Exhibit

02/06/1986        Felony Second Degree  Deadly Missile Thrown

02/06/1986         Felony Third Degree   Aggravated Assault

02/06/1986         Felony Third Degree   Resisting Officers with Violence

09/14/1979        Conviction, Sentence Concurrent Felony Second Degree/1st Degree Felony

07/10/1981        Misdemeanor Class 2 Petit Theft

07/10/1981         06/14/1979 Battery Misdemeanor Class 1 Nolle Pros.

05/23/1979        Misdemeanor Class 2  – Criminal Misdemeanor Life threatening injury to persons or property 0-$200.

09/10/1979        Felony First Degree Burglary Structure Convicted

09/10/1979         Felony Second Degree   Grand Theft Second Degree

04/09/1979        Felony First Degree; Burglary/ Structure Convicted

04/09/1979         Felony Second Degree  Grand Theft 2nd Degree

09/14/1979        Felony Second Degree  Grand Theft 2nd Degree

09/14/1979         Felony First Degree  Burglary/ Structure/ Convicted

02/12/1979        Felony First Degree Burglary/ Structure/Convicted

02/12/1979         Felony Second Degree   Grand Theft 2nd Degree

11/03/1978        Misdemeanor Class 1 Resisting Officer without violence

To the old Guard, you should be so proud, especially now that we know in the long run you felt you would be saving money, but as we can see, not only with the Preuter case, but the Town Internet Site, as well as the Line of Credit Fiasco, Jones has only cost the Town Money and we are so happy that Ms. George is on top of the situation as best as she can.