JENNINGS -BEWARE, You’ll love his illicit behaviors – and Women, if you are young and good looking he will follow you around in his police car or stop you

The White Springs Journal would like to congratulate former WSPD Officer Berry Raulerson as the newest office of the Jennings PD.  And WARN! the citzens of Jennings about who their getting obviously not the cream of crop, If you don’t know Raulerson’s back story please past issues of this fine publication for the whole story.  Let’s just say this is Raulerson’s 3rd department High Springs, White Springs and now Jennings.  He is batting a 1000 for not leaving under good circumstances.  I remember reading about a man named German Bosque who is called Florida’s dirtest officer while working at Opa-Locka.   It looks like some of these small PD’s in Hamilton County are trying to take the title away from Bosque and Opa-Locka.  Good Luck.

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