You could have knocked me off of my chair with a feather when Rhett asked me at the workshop last Thursday what did I propose that we do to fund these two important programs. I’ve now thought about it and here are my thoughts.

We as a town are hemorrhaging money due primarily due to our forcing ill advised law suits which basically are the town suing itself. We can do both programs, the Basketball Camp and the summer youth program with $5000.00. Why not take the money from the legal account and drop the lawsuits. Sure it would cost us some money to pay back Helen but no where near as much money as continuing the lawsuits.

Let’s see. Which is most important to the citizens of the town. A basketball camp that would benefit the youth of our town or a summer program which will give our  younger youth something to do all summer long or lawsuits which benefit no one except Stacy Tebo. Its a no brainer to me. Get out of the lawsuits and DON’T DO ANYTHING THAT WOULD PROMPT FUTURE LAWSUIT (FOLLOW THE LAW).

The lawsuits do not benefit the populace as a whole or even in part. No one benefits except the Attorney, Mr. Elkind. It is a crying shame. When all is said and done we, as a town will spend over $80,000.00 of money trying to justify Stacy’s actions on our behalf. Her actions were not on my behalf or anyone else that I can think of.

Get rid of the lawsuit, Lick our wounds and have a summer program and a basketball camp. I fail to see what the problem is. That’s the solution to our problem Rhett. Be a good attorney if you can for a minute and realize that the suits are costing us too much money for no reward.

If Lofty wants to do something for the town, do this simple thing. Get out of the lawsuits. Be a good manager and cut our loses. That is if you are man enough and heterosexual enough to do it. But are you going to continue to be a racist and hate your constituency. We all know you are a flake. Why not be a man and stand up for the town and to the people who have created this mess in the first place.


  1. How are we as a town going to have money for the kids summer program when we pay to tint the windows of the public works truck along with letting him tale it home every day. Also what is his hours of work? Does he make his own schedule? I guess we pay him over time because i see him leaving town at all different hours some times 5pm 530pm 6pm hell even seen the truck leaving town close to 7pm glad to see we pay overtime an for the town employees to do what ever they like to city property. Wonder if the troll or Stacy said yes to spending 200 dollars to tint a work trucks windows. I know im petty but what is the need for it if you leave the truck at city hall after your work day like almost all public works departments do then why are we customizing city property for individuals.

  2. Also i wonder why I saw the brand new Fire Pick up in lake city. Another thing is why does it have no markings on it like a decal or city logo on it. What is the reason to remove the logo that was on there? Who is paying for new ones or is the town just going to allow them to drive unmarked fire vehicles i wonder if the USDA folks know about this. Might be time to make a phone call an send a few emails along with pictures. Glad to see we can waste more money on changing logos which will cost about 300 to 500 dollars if not a little more. Why is Steve just spending money when Andrew Greene complained to former members of the fire department that Former Chief Pittman had spent all the budget in just a few months well if that is the case where is all this money Stevie boy is spending where did it come from if the budget was gone or they where way way over budget where is all this money coming from maybe its from the town over charging people for water i mean look at it the are billing citizens for more water then the town is pumping out the ground LMAO!!!! this town is so fing stupid when it comes to the way it is ran but thats what these people want an thats what they will get.

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