The RHATT Pack Watch Day 159

The RHATT Pack Watch

Day 159


Today is Monday, October 1st, Day 159 of the Rhatt Pack Watch.


Have you noticed it’s been half a year since you’ve had any fire or emergency protection in White Springs?  The State Fire Marshall and the Insurance Services Office, Inc., (the organization that established the Public Protection Classification  Rating System back in 1971, which is used by the insurance industry, including your insurance carrier, to set insurance rates), haven’t recognized there is no Fire Department in White Springs yet.


The most recent information regarding White Springs fire protection capability was provided to ISO under Fire Chief Pittman.  At that time, substantial fire protection improvements had been made.  Deficiencies noted by the State Fire Marshall were resolved by Mayor Miller, Town Manager Farley, a HCC work crew and White Springs volunteers, saving the White Springs Fire Department from State desertification.


Additionally, “Cousins” Chief Steve’s and Andrew’s sex and drug parties held in the old fire station were uncovered and eliminated.  As a result “Cousin” Don was prosecuted, convicted and sent to prison.  “Cousin” Steve was terminated.  Miller and Farley worked with the State to secure funding for a new Fire Station.  And a totally new team of volunteers was recruited, trained and certified under Chief Pittman.


At last, White Springs had the facilities, the equipment and most of all, a highly qualified fire and emergency protection team.  As a result, White Springs’ Classification Rating improved and is now being realized in your current insurance rates.


And then, six months ago, the Red-face Ratt, his “Gang of Three” and his Lapdog, destroyed your Fire Department and with it, your fire and emergency protection, just so the Ratt could reward his “Boy-Toy” disgraced Cousin Andrew, with a new vehicle and Town credit cards for his personal use.  And the Ratt rehired disgraced “Cousin” Steve to be the Fire Chief for a non-existent Fire Department.  As the Ratt says, “Us “Cousins” got to stick together”.


Since White Springs has no Fire Department, what happens when a fire or other emergency arises?


Well, we know that Fire Chief “Cousin” Steve will be somewhere in shorts and flip flops.  If he decides to respond, it will be only to observe Genoa, Jasper or some other Fire Department respond to and resolve the situation.  And Fire Marshall “Cousin” Andrew, well, he’s probably home in Lake City watching his favorite soap opera.  He’s a complete waste!  He doesn’t have the qualifications for the position and his was the very lowest performance when he was under Chief Pittman.  In fact, his performance was so low, he was considered a danger and risk to other firefighters.


When an emergency does occur, like the one on September 21st, a Fire Truck and Crew were dispatch from Jasper about 20 miles away.  Thank you Jasper!  However, what should have happened, and what would have happened under Chief Pittman, is White Springs would have dispatched multiple Fire Trucks and Crews from the White Springs Fire Station about 1/4 mile away, saving precious time.


Despite expenditures of nearly $750,000 for new facilities, equipment, training, etc. in the last six months, the White Springs Fire Department hasn’t responded to a single fire or emergency.  However, White Springs continues to pay both disgraced Fire Chief “Cousin” Steve and disgraced “Boy-Toy” Fire Marshall “Cousin” Andrew because that’s what the Ratt wants.  The money’s not coming out of the Ratt’s pocket.  It’s coming out of yours!


Provide no services but get paid.  It’s just like stealing!  You have a bunch of criminals, led by the Ratt, running White Springs.  Are you going to ignore crimes or report them to competent law enforcement?  If you want to be part of the solution, call the FBI office in Jacksonville (904) 248-7000.  Identify problems and propose solutions in the many issues facing White Springs.  Run for office.  Elect people who care about you and White Springs, who will listen to you, who will cherish your involvement and who will implement  the solutions which you want.


Avoid the Lapdog, “Gang of Three” and the Ratt.  It’s Day 159 and the Red-face Ratt hasn’t resigned yet.  The Rhatt Pack Watch continues!


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