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Hello Karin,If you’re glued to financial headlines, there’s no doubt you heard about Facebook’s massive drop in stock value.

The world’s largest and most popular social media platform has had rocky performances in the stock market before, but this latest debacle saw the website truly break some records.

Is this the end of Facebook as we know it? Click here to find out.

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Global Tariff War to Spike Gold & Silver Prices

Stocks are Bracing for the Worst

Despite vague talks of negotiation, the global trade war is already causing havoc to our economy.

The damaging effects of Trump’s tariffs are already being felt by the U.S. and our trading partners.

Chinese companies are expected to cancel most of the remaining soybeans they have committed to buy from the U.S.

U.S. manufacturers and business groups have said the tariffs could increase their costs and lead to higher prices for consumers, as well as job cuts.

If history is any indication, this looming trade war is going to be very bad for the stock market, and very good for gold & silver.

In the 4 years following the last major round of tariffs under Bush, gold rose 335% and silver climbed 438%!

Meanwhile, the stock market lost 30% of its value!

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This Strange Natural Compound Adding 35 Dog Years to Fluffy’s Life?

PuppyYour dog may live longer… and you could too.

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Just when you thought healthcare couldn’t get any more expensive, Medicare costs are on the rise – again. Learn how to avoid hefty fees and cut costs in this week’s “Slap in the Face” Award video.


Scientists have recently discovered the real fountain of youth. And not only could it make your golden years longer and healthier, but it could also make you a lot of money. Find out how you can get in on it before anyone else.


Relocating to a state with lower taxes seems like a smart idea… But it could cost you big time if you aren’t prepared. To protect your nest egg (and not pay out your nose in taxes), read this before making the move.

New Retirement Strategy Could Make You Up to $7,190 Every Month 

If you’re looking for more income in today’s near-zero-interest world, we’ve found a new cash-generating sideline where regular folks – including you – can rake in as much as $7,190 each month. It sounds crazy, I know… But one fellow, Patrick Connor, calls one of these opportunities a “no-brainer.” For details, click here.

Chart of The Week - Wealthy Retirement
Chart - Do You Have a Plan for Retirement Savings

Investing without a strategy is a risky move – yet almost a quarter of our readers are doing just that. How is it working out for them? Click here to find out what strategies could benefit your portfolio.

Virginia Stock-Picking Millionaire Stuns Audience With Revelation in “TEK Talk” 

“He recommended the craziest, most harebrained, most out-of-his-mind idea… and it worked. Unbelievable!”

See for yourself in his free “TEK Talk” here.

On Our Radar - Wealthy Retirement
“8 Things Financial Advisors Wish You Realized About Retirement” – Forbes

“Medicare Costs Could Rise by More Than 200 Percent for These Retirees” – CNBC

“10 Steps to Successful Income Investing for Beginners”– The Balance

Term of The Week - Wealthy Retirement
Value investing: Mega-successful investors like Warren Buffett swear by it… But what exactly is value investing? It’s a method that involves determining the intrinsic value of a stock – and then buying said stock if you believe it’s worth more than its current market value.
167 Times Bigger Than Bitcoin!

The next digital currency to turn just $10 into a fortune…

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Hello Karin,Since you’re one of our regular readers, chances are that you’re not exactly a stranger to responsible financial management. But, money problems don’t always stem from having too little of it. In fact, some of the biggest problems come from having too much.

A new study reveals that money problems are the number one killers for marriages across America. This is why we’ve compiled a list of all the biggest financial problems couples face, and how to fix them.

Click here for the full list.

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Weird new “antennas” popping up all over America

NASDAQ calls it: “The biggest investment opportunity in years.”

These antennas have nothing to do with your cell phone. Hiding inside is the biggest hi-tech secret of the decade. Click here to learn more.

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Dear Karin,

When President Donald Trump tapped Judge Brett Kavanaugh to succeed outgoing Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, his critics dug up every minute detail they could to delegitimize the pick.

One of these discoveries was Kavanaugh’s spending habits. And while it appears the judge has since found a way to stay solvent, there are serious financial lessons to be had here.

Click here for a full list of what every finance enthusiast can learn from Brett Kavanaugh.

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Perfect Stock Caught Trading Under Secret Name…

It trades under a secret name… for just $3.

But thanks to a developing situation involving Donald Trump, America’s No. 1 tech company and $10 billion… this may soon be the most talked-about stock in America. Find out more about the “secret stock” here.



Think Twice Before Hiring A Financial Advisor




The First Commandment of Wealth Building





This Healthcare Merger is Your Ticket to a Huge Payday

Total Wealth
August 31, 2018

It’s all fun and games (until you’re bankrupt)
After 70 years as a childhood staple and industry behemoth, Toys “R” Us is tumbling toward extinction. And while that may be unwelcome news to playtime enthusiasts, it’s great news for you… because while the retail sector plunges into obscurity, you can have the chance to make a fortune from this unstoppable trend. To learn how to turn their destruction into your dollar signs, click here now.

This Healthcare Stock Will Make a Killing off the Health Revolution
By Wealth Alert Staff

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New Highs Are Up Next


Global Markets are Primed for a Huge Run (to Catch Up) Led By This Stock

Here’s Where to Put Your Money Next

Watch the full video here.

Dear Reader,

It may not seem like it, but the healthcare sector has been one of the biggest profit generators during this bull market’s historic run. And that could continue, as one healthcare stock we’re watching could change the game…

On Wednesday (Aug. 22), the current bull market became the longest in U.S. history.

Since March 9, 2009, the S&P 500 alone has risen more than 300%. But if you look deeper into the numbers behind the S&P’s growth, you find that one industry has outpaced all the others.

The S&P 500’s healthcare stock sector, which is comprised of the largest health insurers, is up more than 1,100% since 2009.

In addition to strong economic growth, legislation like the Affordable Healthcare Act and the expansion of Medicaid created a wave of profit opportunities for the healthcare sector.

They’ve also created monster gains for healthcare investors.

As the bull market closes in on its tenth year, the healthcare industry is pursuing several massive mergers in an effort to maximize its profitability.

And the massive profit trend health insurers are tapping into right now could net you an easy 100% gain over the next 18 months – and even more over the next decade

More from Keith… 

The Tips and Tricks You Need to Know for the Second Half of 2018

With the first half of 2018 behind us, Chief Investment Strategist Keith Fitz-Gerald is giving you special access to his need-to-know moves for the remainder of the year. This article is jam-packed with information such as Keith’s proprietary 50-40-10 model and an exclusive interview with former Fox News anchor Suzanne Sena. To continue reading this article and receive more like it, join Total Wealth Research – absolutely free of charge – by clicking here.

How to Trade a Market at Record Levels (and The One Company Poised to Play “Catch Up”)

Killer profits are the backbone of investing. Creating them feels good and can have a powerful impact on your life. Surprisingly, this isn’t difficult. Contrary to what most investors believe, you don’t have to have a hot tip or access to Wall Street’s mahogany-lined halls, either. Big profits are about getting your money working with one objective in mind… To produce the outcome and the wealth you want.

I’m not losing sleep over this (but you might, when you see how much money you could’ve made)

Last year, I stoked a fair amount of controversy over this “offensive” video – and by showing my readers how to make MASSIVE amounts of money from the worst stocks in America, I showed a group of free-thinking individuals how to get rich beyond their wildest dreams. So if you want to be offended, go ahead… but if you want to learn how to make money, you can join me instead. Are you in or out?

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