The Council votes 3-2 to pay BeFaithful Coker the additional $3,000 owed for her services

At the White Springs Journal, it is our motto to follow the law and tell the truth no matter what the circumstances are and this time is no different.

Although I feel BeFaithful Coker does not necessarily tell the truth and what she did at the prior August 14th meeting was extortion, unfortunately we found out that a contract was made in writing.

The Council session began with Dr. Miller, councilor, stating that the donor could not be responsible for the amount his organization provided.  And you will recall I had that information on the blog.  The fact that Dr. Calder, the benefactor, can suggest but has no control over the organization J. P, Morgan in determining the amount that would go to Befaithful, exhonerated Dr. Calder.

It was stated that each session was $1600 and the amount quoted was $13,521 as the amount BeFaithful said was required. She said that there was a promise to have computer access; however, there were no computers.  Dr. Miller indicated the owner of the building required $5,000 from each lessee and the other co-renter gave Ms. Coker a check for $4,700 and Ms. Coker did not pay her portion; nor did she pay rent from December 2017.It was indicated by Dr. Miller that in order to protect the public, full disclosure identifying who attended, how the funds were used and how the funds were solicited which is by law but which had not been provided by Ms. Coker which could be considered fraud under the Statute. Dr. Miller stated that before voting ahead, we as the Town require due diligence.

Walter Mckenzie stated we should receive full accounting.  He asked whether we have a contractual obligation.  He asked how many kids from White Springs attended and metnioned no one has seen the final report nor has anyone seen financial information.  Furthermore he asked how many were in the second session and how many were from White Springs.  He said this was not provided when there was a council meeting.  He said he was all for programs that help the kids of White Springs and has always had children in mind.  However, it was stated that we have a case of no response for the money that has has already been donated.  He wished to know what contractual obligations we had.

Councilor Rhett Bulard said that the Town was obligated to pay the money promised. He said that if someone’s kid didn’t enjoy the program someone would have come over and told the Town Council  so obviously the kids had a good time.  He asked Town Manager Tebo where we would get the $3,000 and whether it had to come out of the Town’s reserves.  Ms. Tebo indicated she anticipated he would request the money and has determined there is still $1,200 left in the Audit and Accounting funds and Ken Daniels had already been paid.  She said there were small bits in other areas but that the Town still had $2,000 in animal control before the September 30th  deadline.   The discussion continued.

Walter McKenzie requested an opinion from our attorney and whether we are on solid legal ground. He again asked how many kids from White Springs attended.

Rhett Bullard said that there is such a thing as an oral contract and he is correct on that issue.  But in all previous discussion it was said that the $13,000 had not been promised that day at Helen Miller’s house when she, Nikki and Anita met with Ms. Coker.   Rhett Bullard further said if we do not live up to this an

An attorney will cost us more than $3,000 in defense (because oral contracts have to be determine in court based on he said/ she said).  To pay or not to pay we need to get this done. It was stated that if it was not written, it didn’t happen.

Then Mayor Lofton spoke and he read what Dr. Miller had stated in correspondence to Ms. Coker.  After reading some information about the $13,000, he stated it is written.  It is a written contract.  The elements of a viable contract are  (1) An offer is made (2) The offer is accepted and (3) consideration is made.  What Mayor Lofton read did not appear to say “I WILL TRY AND SEE WHETHER OUR BENEFACTOR CAN PROVIDE $13,000).  Dr. Miller made no comment that the correspondence was incorrect but later stated she felt we did not owe the money.

Mayor Lofton said the Town of White Springs partnered with Ms. Coker as a co-sponsor.  Councilor McKenzie said we’re not binding $13,000 from the donor, nor the donor organization, not miller or the Town.  Rhett Bullard then reminded Mr. McKenzie that at the August 14th meeting he was ready to pay the $3,000 and made that offer if Ms. Coker would not do the remaining things in her letter.   Walter McKenzie said when she came in she said she came before us humbly and she turned aggressive and as a result, he said that in order to see whether he could reason with her…not his exact words but his intent.  He said that to see if she would back off.  He said there was not enough information to consider the request at this time. 

Councillor Bullard said to keep the Town’s good name to not honor the agreement would not be acceptable and that the difference between what the Donor paid and the $3,000 owed was due because of the partnership with White Springs and the contractual obligation.  That is when Rhett Bullard made the motion to pay Ms. Coker from the funds Ms. Tebo had indicated were available and Councilor Brown seconded the motion.. The motion to provide Ms. Coker the $3,000 passed in a 3-2 vote.

Now you will recall that Mr. and Mrs Spencer were at the Melting Pot last Saturday where his wife Lisa received an award for the determined diligent women who dare.  It is my estimation that Spencer Lofton possibly worked out an arrangement with BeFaithful such as Trump in the Art of a Deal.  It was not known that this is the building BeFaithful was considering renting in part for $1,400 a month.  This is not known but it is obvious that a solution was made because Ms. Coker did not make extortion threats bur rather sat quietly in the council room.


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