Rhatt Watch Day 5

This is Monday, April 30th, day 5 of the Rhatt Watch. Our illustrious mayor Lofty Administrator doesn’t understand what Blog-mistress is trying to say about the Ratt gone wrong on the blog.  Mayor Lofty Administrator is concerned as to what she is telling him to do;  but when he spoke to the Ratt by phone, the Red-Face Ratt lied and said the Blog-mistress was just making up things and that Mayor Lofty Administrator didn’t have a thing to worry about.  Yet we saw the Red Face Ratt go to Town Hall to talk to his Lapdog apparently about what the blog-mistress said.  Ratt has told his closest happy friends he wants his Lapdog, Cool Willie and Brawny Tonja to take the blame for what the commission will do but he didn’t expect Mayor Lofty Administrator questioning him. So he told his Lapdog to please contact Mayor Lofty Administrator and tell him not to worry because “ I Red-Face Ratt has always been able to use my influence to escape any actions against me and my buddies.  After all I am the greatest attorney ever and can make the judges work for me”  Then he and the Lapdog left at the same time, speeding toward the Red-Face Ratt’s house, possible to supply the Lapdog with her daily drug habit or a drink or two.

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