I was all in favor of Spencer’s office hours where, according to Spencer, he would meet with any citizen at town hall on Monday, Wednesday or Friday from 9 until noon. I was over joyed. A town official was actually going to meet with my wife and I to discuss what we considered pertinent issues involving the town. So we met.

On Friday the 20th of July my wife and I met with Spencer at his “office” to discuss some of the business that we find has a distinct odor of rottenness to it. The meeting started roughly but once Spencer and I got over who’s got the bigger one it went smoothly. One of the topics we discussed at length during that meeting was the pending lawsuit against Spenser, Tonja and the town for violations of the Sunshine Law. Spencer convinced us that he did not meet with Tonja and that no discussion of the Code Enforcement official had taken place. So like a good reporter I decided to back off of the story until I could hear the audio tape of the minutes of the June and July meetings.

For what ever reason Pam was out of the office on July 23rd to the 30th. I asked for the audio tapes of the June and July regular council meetings. I got them in two days each which was a big surprise to me. I hurriedly took the disks home and listened first to one and then the other. Whole sections of the meetings were not on the CD’s. On the first one I realized, since I had been to the June 12th meeting, that whole sections of the meeting were missing from the CD. Specifically missing were the Citizen’s Five Minutes and the ejection of a citizen from the Council meeting. I called Yvonne, She said that she copied the CD’s just as they were. If something was missing it was not her fault. I took her at her word.

Then I listened to the second CD, the one from the July 10th meeting. And low and behold it was missing the same sections. In fact you could hear where the recording machine had been turned off and on a couple of times. The audio CD’s are a public document.

Since Pam is the only one who could have messed with the CD’s while they were being recorded I assumed that Pam falsified the audio CD’s. Such is a violation of Florida Statute 839.13 and 838.022. But then today happened. I am now convinced that, since I didn’t get my real copies of the CD’s today, that the CD’s were partially erased by Spencer and Stacy. Remember Pam was out of town or on sick leave. Spencer and Stacy are the only ones, one or both, who could have edited the audio disks and had a reason for doing so. The fact that we could hear the machine being turned off and on, as in a re-taping of the disks only points to Spencer and Stacy, one or both. And since I got the disks in record time, Pam being out of town, I have narrowed my search to Stacy at the direction of Spencer.

On the Cancelled meeting between Spencer and the Griffin’s set for this Friday, August 3rd I say, I told Spencer that I wanted to audio record the meeting. He through Stacy responded that he didn’t meet with people who had threatened to sue him. That is a lie, out and out a lie because he met with us last time on the 20th of July with a lawsuit hanging over his head. Why is this time different? Simply because I wanted this meeting to be recorded. Why is this time different that last time? No reason except I wanted to record the meeting and Stacy wouldn’t have any of it. Heaven forbid that Spencer would say something on recording that wasn’t the truth.

I say that Spencer is a fraud and a dupe being led around by his Johnson by Stacy. Her whole world is falling apart and she wants to worry that Spencer will tell a lie on tape or prohibit me from taping the meeting at all, which would make him a coward but not Stacy. No the CD’s were redacted by Stacy with or without Spencer’s approval. Remember I haven’t heard from the Coward Spencer yet. Maybe this story will have him grow a backbone although that is highly doubtful.

Falsification of a public document is a FELONY of the third degree, 1 Year in Prison. Who knows maybe Stacy could be laid by a real man. It is possible.


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