NOTICE of hearing re [45] MOTION in limine , [46] MOTION in limine regarding subsequent employment and other women who deny discrimination. Motion Hearing set for 8/9/2018 at 01:30 PM (pretrial conference) in Orlando Courtroom 5 A before Judge Gregory A. Presnell. (TKW)

The two parties, Tebo and City of DeBary have two issues that are going before the Judge on August 9th, 2018. They are #1 can the City of Debary bring up Stacy’s record while in White Springs in her action against DeBary and #2 will the judge allow testimony from women who deny discrimination that Stacy claims.

The White Springs Journal will be there getting all of the news and Stacy’s lies to the Court. Rumor has it that others will also be there. Wish DeBary luck. They will need it with the consummate liar that Stacy is. I gotta bet going if anybody wants to take $5.00 of my money. I bet that Stacy cries during the hearing. Go ahead and bet me.

Joe Griffin

Citizen Activist

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