Your Data’s in Trouble; Pot is not legal at the federal level and Free college

[Chart] Your Data Is in Bigger Trouble Than You Think

Under Attack

In the Information Age, there are no people… there is only data. Bank account info, Social Security numbers… we are all just ones and zeroes. Those details define us – and they’re worth big money to some dubious folks. This is crazy…

According to cybersecurity firm Shape Security, a whopping 91% of e-commerce login attempts come from hackers, not actual users. Airlines and banks also get the majority of their login traffic from online thieves. This chart tells the sad tale…

Share of Login Attempts That Are Credential Stuffing Attacks

Whoa… That Is Crazy

It gets crazier. Despite a string of recent scandals where companies didn’t report breaches right away, most folks still think they’ll be alerted quickly if there’s a hack. They figure they’ll simply change their password or request a new card and wait for any stolen cash to reappear in their account. Easy peasy.

It’s a nice thought… but it doesn’t quite agree with Shape’s findings.

“On average, it took fifteen months for a credential spill to become public knowledge,” the firm reported. “This window of time is directly related to the cost of a spill – the longer it takes to discover a compromise, the more time attackers have to monetize account takeovers.”

In other words, by the time most folks become aware their data was stolen… it’s already been floating around the dark web for more than a year. Hackers have been testing your password on other popular sites (which is why you should never use the same password – or even variations of a password – in multiple places).

So How Can I Protect My Data?

Change your passwords often. Write them down somewhere physical – never store them on your computer or phone. And, of course, keep a close eye on your banking statements. Do these things and you’ll limit the chance – or at least the repercussions – of your data being stolen.

Just know that – no matter what you do – someone is always looking to profit from your personal info. Sorry.

“Legal” Weed Gets Messy for One Alaskan Startup

Some folks behind a fledgling weed business in Juneau (shall we call them marijuantrepreneurs?) recently had their ad pulled from the local paper. The company’s pitch wasn’t crass… nor did it violate the rag’s advertising terms. It was actually the Postal Service that blew the whistle. You see, pot is legal in Alaska… but it’s still a no-no at the federal level.

Concerned that out-of-towners might bear witness to the unseemly ad, the feds mandated that it be removed before the paper could go through the federal mail system. Newspaper employees were forced to spend their night snipping the ad out of any nonlocally-bound issues. It’s only the most recent example of weed startups in Alaska getting smacked by Big Government. (Here’s another.) We doubt it will be the last.

Free College for All… What Could Go Wrong?

Students at Pennsylvania’s 14 state-owned schools rallied last week with a very specific set of demands. They’re not satisfied with going to college and getting a useful education that will springboard them to a long and rewarding career. No… that’d be too much work. They’d rather get their hands on all of that “other people’s money” that seems to be so popular these days.


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