I still have questions that were not answered in the recent budget workshop.

1. Mowing of the right-of-way of US 41 the money the town receives from DOT is it $11k a quarter as Ms Rivers stated ($44k a year), or simply $11k a year as Stacy stated?
2. Since we have not had a DOC crew to mow the right-of-way in over a year where did the money paid to the Town by DOT for this service go?
3. Regarding the spending of local option gas tax moneys, when did auditors start dictating how the Town spends money? Is it not up to the Council and a legal opinion of the Town Attorney as to how funds are spent? I am quite certain if any administrative salary money can legally be paid from the gas tax for anyone, it would only be the portion of their time spent actually working on “transportation” issues. Seems skewed to me that from what I heard that 75% of the moneys are spent on support and only 25% are actually spent maintaining our roads. I believe what the auditor recommended was that the Town document what percentage of the gas tax is spent on what not dictating that the Town spend those percentages.
4. We didn’t get to the Folk Festival but if the Park paid the Town $3,000 for EMS 7 Fire Protection during the event and the Town only paid Hamilton EMS $2,000 where did the other $1,000 go?
5. Stacey stated Andrew Green does not receive any salary for Code Enforcement. Does he receive a salary for Fire Marshal? How much is he actually paid by the Town and for what? Has he ever passed the State exam and gotten certified for his position operating the Town water system?
6. How long is the repair in front of the old Environmental Center going to take? That section of sidewalk that is ripped up leaving an open hole that is a safety hazard to the public and its been weeks.


A final note: The contempt and disrespect displayed by Stacy Tebo in that meeting was appalling. Rolling her eyes and looking disgusted when confronted with questions by Counsel Members McKenzie and Miller was unbelievable. In the private sector to act that way at a board meeting would have gotten her fired on the spot.
The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become a legalized version of the first.” …Thomas Jefferson


  1. It is 11K a quarter. Over 40K a year. I know because my job was to bill DOT on a quarterly basis for payment for the right of way on Highway 41.
    Anita Rivers

  2. The local option has tax money according to Commissioner Ogburn is to be spent on roads and streets. The Town, the Town Attorney and the Auditor have come up with their own reasons on how the money is to be spent. Even the 25% they say should be spent on roads and streets haven’t been. And why would 75% be spent on salaries? It should be the other way around. Any doubt, call Commissioner Ogburn and he will tell you that the Town has spent $0 on roads and streets for the past 2-3 years. The Town will not tell you the truth, but he will because he’s the one that would actually do the repairs for the Town.
    Anita Rivers

  3. The Town is embezzling so much money it’s pathetic. Roads and streets money is being spent on Stacy’s personal legal fees. Andrew is being paid as Fire Marshall and Code Enforcement. But of course they will deny it. Why do you think everything is put in the General Fund Account? Because it can be spent as they wish. Until MORE citizens get involved, it will continue until the State step in and do a State Audit. And Stacy is VERY disrespectful to her bosses and to the community as a whole. Even the Town Attorney is disrespectful to citizens. But when you have 3 Councilors who support that behavior, the other 2 have no say.
    I am so thankful that Dr. Miller is back to bring out all the craziness going on. Walter McKenzie has been on the Council to long and has done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING but ride on Dr. Miller’s coat tail. There were many times he had the opportunity to step up, but he just sat back and went along with all their foolishness until Dr. Miller was voted back in.
    The community need to pay attention to who is for the rights of the people and who are not.
    Anita Rivers

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