What Good are you Chief Tracy?; You won’t even stand behind your officers, like Brookins did for you. You are really a piece of work so go back in the hole you came from.

As Usual Chief of Police Tracy Rodriquenz is too fearful of losing her job that she will not stand up for her police officer, John Davis.  She protected Stacy Tebo from any drug charges and was willing to place her lieutenant under the bus, thinking it was him rather than Stacy Tebo with any proof.   Yet she herself was a drunk who couldn’t stay out of fights and who could only beat on women and commit perjury.  

Rodriquenz protected Rhett Bullard from FDLE with a computer that should have gone to FDLE and again it proves how dishonest the Town of White Springs Is.

Yet this time Stacy Tebo and Tracy Rodriquenz have gone too far.  They surely must know that they retaliated against Officer John Davis because he was honest in advising them that he could not have council member Brown and Stacy Tebo interfering with his Code Enforcement and by being pushed to do something he could not do, they waited until the birth of his child to fire him upon his return.   You have just ruined a GOOD OFFICER’s LIFE, BUT YOU DO NOT CARE HOW MANY LIVES YOU RUIN.

I am certain you are drumming up some alleged complaints of misconduct, insubordination, fraud and God knows what else.  But this is beyond the pale.

We are so certain that Officer Davis was retaliated against and that Tracy Rodriquenz is already working on a plan complaining about Officer Davis’s alleged misconduct, fraud, and cover ups because we know White Springs is good at it.

How can Chief Tracy call herself a police officer when all she protects is corruption and treats good police officers like dirt.  She should be so proud.  After all the rumor which was going around was that Chief Rodriquenz was the one on the chopping block, not Officer Davis.

A Most Important “Cousin”

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I supposed now that the Councilors won’t do a thing about all the good people being fired.  Lofton, Bullard and Brown are complicit and Tebo can do anything she feels like doing and I am fearful Walter McKenzie now may be too fearful to fight for what is right.  And that is frustrating!

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