I hadn’t realized Stith was included as part of the Camel Club News with the Greenes – It is true what they say about those that agree that people should be bullied are pathetic human beings.

I’s funny how the Greenes and even Stith can seem to take it if there is something about them on the blog but it is funny that they were part of the Camel Club News relating to us and definitely could speak untruths about us:  That must be why Mayor Lofty wants us to look in the future because he certainly does not want us to look into his past like Joe and Andrew Greene and Steve Stith.  This town has has a lot of nerve lying about what we do when they  better look at their selves and how pathetic they are:   You will note also that there are prior and current officials who received the ccn and there was only one person who complained about it.  so when you state that it is joe’s manner in which he states things, think about what each of you have done or omitted to do.  you all thought it was great that they took after us, so live with what we believe to be the truth about each of you on the blog.  we don’t have to lie.

Karin for the blog

From: Camel Club

I left these e-mails because when speaking to a couple of people today they did not have the e-mail for tanja brown or spencer lofton.  And the aforementioned e-mails apparently are still good.

To: browntanja70@yahoo.com ; cityhall@windstream.net ; den1@windstream.net ; dtrick@windstream.net ; edm@msn.com ; fire2211@windstream.net ; iambush2@yahoo.com ; ja.greene@whitespringsfl.us ;  lang_n01@popmail.firn.edu ; lfc56@hotmail.com ; lisalofton@marykay.com ; marshallrichard33@yahoo.com ; mbullardus@yahoo.com ; mckenziew@windstream.netmickymkh@windstream.net ; mz_cee@hotmail.com ; roberts_f@firn.edu ; rolede@windstream.net ; scharles386@hotmail.com ; spencer_lofton@yahoo.com ; sstith@whitespringsfl.us ; tabithareal@windstream.net ; teresa.perry@hma.com ; vonbr49@yahoo.com ;wandaudell@hotmail.com; bettylbarnes@windstream.net ; kbrookins@whitespringsfl.us ;iambush2@yahoo.com ; Waylon.Bush@firn.edu ; lCarver@pcsphosphate.com ; mz_cee@hotmail.com ; ja.greene@whitespringsfl.us ; aca1@windstream.net ; mickymkh@windstream.net ; cjohnson@pcsphosphate.com ; lang_n01@popmail.firn.edu ; marshallrichard33@yahoo.com ; plumbnellie1@yahoo.com ; lucindagail@yahoo.com ; whitespringsbnb@hotmail.com ; tabithareal@windstream.net ; mckenziew@windstream.net ; edm@msn.com ; mayor@whitespringsfl.us ; ttennis2@aol.com ; teresa.perry@hma.com ; den1@windstream.net ; roberts_f@firn.edu ; scharles386@hotmail.com ; sstith@whitespringsfl.us ; cityhall@windstream.net ; manager@whitespringsfl.us ; wandaudell@hotmail.com ; Don Wilson – Suwannee Hardware and Feed ; Tracy.woodard@gmail.com ; thewoodards1@windstream.net ; bob dezendorf ; John L. Vassar ; hyldarogers@yahoo.com ; libchops@hotmail.com


Every week a member of the Camel Club monitors Mr. Griffin’s blog.  Normally he or she informs the others in summary form of any salient point worth pursuing.  Most of the time one or two camels draft an email that gets reviewed and edited by others as they please or as they have time and I send it out.  

This week, however, the reviewer, Angry Camel, has requested the privilege of writingand submitting the email sans editing.

But before Angry Camel regales us with his wisdom I have some things to say and they are directed to Mrs. Griffin’s final goodbye of February 9:  Madam, we have never accused you of racism, please read carefully so that you can comprehend; we do not send our emails to your husband at his request, if you ask us not to send you our emails we will gladly do so but as long as you are on his email list you will get them;  we are so pleased that you are imitating our style  by referring to famous quotes, however  you over did it with too many quotes;  finally: WHAT?  Your blog was, as usual, quite rambling, digressive and very tacky with so many quotations.

King Camel.

Now Angry Camel’s comments.

I noticed last week a blog that on the surface appeared innocuous.  In it the liar of Mill Street stated: ... Come support those citizens who give freely of their time and energies to help the kids and the poor in our town.”


The implication here is that a totally dysfunctional individual who is a  racist and the worst type of homophobic, a closet homosexual abused early in life,  an obese buffoon who sits on his butt all day long getting high on free medications provided by the VA,  who stays awake all hours of the night threatening and insulting good people,  who constantly lies and misrepresents himself, who attacks women and when he attacks men it is only hiding behind his computer keyboard or his wife’s skirts, who accuses others of corruption which he cannot prove and yet he cheats by faking a disability, who claims to have been a public information officer but can’t write an intelligent sentence so instead he uses profanity or insults others, who spends his useless time writing a stupid blog that is read only by a few of us who want to laugh or keep up with his insanity or to be prepared for the day when he finally goes over the edge, this paragon of ineptitude, envy and hate claims to be one of those citizens who give freely of their time and energies”. 


To put it the way his pseudo author wife puts it, What audacity!  What nerve!What unmitigated effrontery!  What impudence!  To simplify things,  WHAT CHUTZPAH!

People that really give freely of their time are the good and decent folks that volunteer with the HOPE Program, the fire department, the azalea and other festivals, the Stephen Foster State Park, those who help the poor in town and a myriad of other programs and activities.  People who freely give are like the Mayor , Reverend Marshall and other Council members who spend countless hours helping others and specially the children.  Some of them even return their salary to the city.  We many times disagree with the Mayor and the Council and the Camel Club was started in part because of the stupid letters about you, Mr. Griffin, that the Mayor’s husband sent .  In her, however, unlike in the lazy imbecile of Mill Street, we recognize a genuine desire to improve her town and her people.  She builds while the REAL windbag of White Springs who lives on Mill Street  tries to DESTROY his community.

Angry Camel

When my colleague Angry Camel gets angry you know it.  We hope that the readers on Mr. Griffin’s email list enjoy Chapter 4.  More next week or the following.

King Camel


King Camel and my fellow honorable camels: I am distraught, agitated, offended, hurt, distressed and on the verge of a nervous breakdown. When I arrived and found King Camel’s request I thought that nothing had changed much.

Shame on you, King Camel! Things have changed quite a bit. We have two new players: “Swish” and “Smarty Pants” attacking the Rev. Ilovemyswampy. We also now have “Wonder Woman” and “Flash” making comments. Again it amazes me how highly intelligent and honest the folks from Mill Street are. Swampy has two personalities: she is Flashy during the day (no, Pretty Camel, no, not FLESHY but Flashy) and Wonder Woman after the lights go out. It took Wise, Silent and I all of three minutes to determine that.

Anyway, Swish and Smarty Pants: please, please, the camels are back and we can continue annoying the Rev. Whosfirebombingmyhouse and his adorable bride-to-be, no need for Smarty Pants to bother her little pretty head! Yes, we know who you are.

Swish, whoever you are: your actions are the reason why I am distraught, agitated, offended, hurt, distressed and on the verge of a nervous breakdown. How dare you call the loverly Ms. Fleishenwhacker (no relation the Wonder Woman or Flash, I promise) a “swamp ape”? Have you no shame? How can anybody be so crude? Have you no pity? May the curse of the three legged camel with hemorrhoids descend on your head and may your hair fall by the handful. How dare you insult thus the swamp apes?


 *   *   *

Let’s see; Yes there is no argument that when Helen Miller was mayor she tried to improve the Town.  but let’s look at the others.  when lofton worked for the H.O.P.E. program, he stole food from the children; although richard marshall married us, i did not realize for some time that he was keeping some of the food for his jennings operation rather than giving it to the poor;  i bet if we looked into all of these people we could find truth that would be more interesting than lies.

Karin for the blog

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