Mayor Lofty moves to a different house with his family…closer to Town Hall

We recently found out that Spencer lofton no longer lives at 10481 1st Street, White Springs.  He has recently moved to the Top of the Hill at Bugger Hollow. At the corner of Suwannee and Bridge Streets in White Springs.

Although Lofty doesn’t seem to ambitious at his age 55, it seems his son’s girlfriend definitely is.  It was said that she was moving items into the Lofton’s new home like a Trouper.

We hope you enjoy your new home, Mayor Lofty.   In White Springs, unfortunately, no one can hide and get away with it.  But there is no need to worry, just like we told Stacy Tebo, no one cares what you do personally or where you live.  This has just been a matter of principle and I feel from what I have seen and heard that you are not the most honest of  public figures and that is sad indeed!


Karin for the blog

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