I can’t believe all of staff lies for a Con Artist who probably has never told the truth

I asked Joe, Wouldn’t a good police officer question Mr. Jones regarding Joe advising that Mr. Jones stated that Joe was trying to hit him in the head. No instead that was not said because apparently Chief Rodriquenz and Mr. Jones and possibly all the witnesses and Lt. Marsh realized that Joe could have not have hit Mr. Jones in the head with the paperwork unless Mr. Jones was crawling on the floor which was not the case. In fact, why would anyone ask to have a Sheriff’s deputy present if he was intending to hit the plexiglass which never happened.

Next time you are at Town Hall see how far your hand or wrist goes through the opening. Someone like Joe or I who are larger boned would never get our hands through the opening.

The other witness reports will be forthcoming but In Mrs. Brazil’s statement she said she got up to deescalate the situation whereas in Mr. Jone’s statement he asked Mrs. Brazil to come up to talk to Joe. Now for the record Mrs. Brazil did not deescalate anything but only affirmed that Joe was getting no more public records in regard to this specific request.

Whether or not the checks are directly deposited, the initial check for Tommie Jones was payable to him alone and not Countyline Design. It also took out FICA, making him an employee. Then Jones sent us a check requisition showing the amount of pay and the FICA deductions on that check…and even direct deposits are taken out of the account under a bank statement. The check in question to Jones would not have been a direct deposit with Pam Tomlinson as my witness and Stacy Tebo, but it would have shown as being cashed through the bank statement. or a replacement check being cashed. You can’t tell me bank statements do not include payroll checks and this has been ongoing for six months.

Our police department will do nothing when it comes to complaints from certain citizens. When Joe and I went up to then Mayor Lofton to provide him with Attorney General Opinions and he refused, Lt. Marsh spun Joe around in an attempt to make him leave and there were witnesses. When Joe wished to make a complaint, it was ignored.

As to the great Lt. Marsh, Joe contacted him on speaker phone and made a 2:00 pm appointment to give his side of the story in a formal report. A few minutes later, Officer Marsh asked what crime he was reporting and Joe mentioned 839.13. Thereafter in a few minutes more he asked who it was against and Joe mentioned it was against Jones, Brazil and Williams. Lt. Marsh did not show. And although the Sheriff’s department may not go after municipal officers and chiefs, they will provide the report, at which time the reports will go to FDLE.

Tommie Jones has called Joe a drunk, has stated that Joe is so angry he shakes when he has palsy and a couple of other health problems of late, Mr. Jones has called Joe a racist because in our form of government Mr. Jones should be an employee not a consultant, fill out an application, secure a background check and get a drug test, but Mr. Jones does nothing but lie and obviously both Beverly Brazil and Ms. Williams/McKire are willing to lie, especially with Williams/McKire being a first cousin of Tommie Jones. I can’t understand why Mrs. Brazil quit because not only did she lie on a legal document of the courts, but she notarized the signature on Tommie’s lies, so really she should remain at Town Hall with the criminals she lies for.

I bet Beverly Brazil and Tommie Jones lied about Yvonne Bryant being a bully as well. That is really sad, but God has a plan and someday, this will catch up to all of you. Joe is an honest man no matter what you think of him, and he knows you are playing games which is frustrating. If you are so fearful of Joe Tommie, why is it you finally opened the door for the two of us when we were taking photos.

Joe didn’t even hit Walter McKenzie when Walter punched him in the chest or when Mike Harris started whacking him on the porch and tried running over our dog. Joe doesn’t hit anyone. I would probably hit someone before he ever would consider it, but instead we tell our side on the blog for all to hear.

Karin for the blog

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