Please let the Three rule and let them bring our dream to fruition.

Some people have asked us whether our disgust of Tommie Jones is because he is Black, but that is not the case. At first we really liked him and you may even find that information on past articles on the blog. But when he kept lying about things at Town Hall and to and about us, we knew he was a lying con-man and he will never change.

When living in the Midwest, there was never a problem with Blacks and Whites at the time and not only did I work with Blacks and Asians since they were professionals but they were also my friends….but none were of the attitude of these three people, Tommie, Anita and Nikki. Even in Ocala, one of our Black young salesmen had difficulties not because he did not have an education but an old good ole boy kept stealing his sales and of course I stepped in because it was wrong. But I will not step in here because I feel the three cousins deserve what they get and it will come. Never have I seen such a rude display of non-professionalism ever. Even people who hate each other, one would never know in public setting, but you three are the exception and together you will finally bring our dream of White Springs Village and then you won’t be able to use the Sheriff’s department to lie about those who did nothing and have them cover up crimes by your relatives..

And we really do hope that the manner in which Tommie slammed Helen Miller at the interviews, that she steps back and lets him do his own thing. If I were here and you are lucky it is not me in her position, I would immediately resign and wish you luck. After all Helen did for you ladies, it makes me absolutely sick to see what horrid people you are. None of you ave Helen Miller’s passion to help not only with the Wastewater project but the water project as well so we have a good infrastructure. but She really cares about people and has shown that to those who are her loyal supporters whether Black or White. But I am certain with the help of a Mayor Anita Rivers who has so much interview experience because she has been fired so often, for theft we have been told….and Nikki Williams who has never worked in her life, they will bring our dream to fruition in no time. The volunteers and ads for people will just start coming in immediately because people cannot wait to work for the three.

Helen Miller has the political clout that these people do not and frankly after all of the wonderful things she has done for these ladies alone, I can’t imagine her not allowing them to do their own thing with Tommie Jones. Why should she help them. They don’t appreciate what she has done and furthermore, by sticking with the three, White Springs Reputation will worsen and sooner or later it will affect Helen Miller’s reputation. After all I think both ladies have a high school education but even if it is a GED so be it, in their eyes they know more than Miller with a Doctorate. It’s a joke for sure, but I think they need to make all the decisions and sooner or later the Town Residents who saw things we had not seen, will see what we have seen now. And it is sad indeed..

Can’t you just imagine going to one of their meetings and find the disorganization they currently had at the interviews. It would be in a show in itself. And to the many people that disliked Anita for her rudeness when she was at Town Hall, mainly to older people, remember, nothing to good or too bad lasts for too long. Tommie’s leopard spots won’t change so we know he likes to spend, so expect the State to take us over and perhaps Tommie may again go back to where he started. This is not a White versus Black thing. There are many many Black people who dislike the arrogant little devil.

Helen Miller Phd will always have a place in Government because she is liked and known. You three will not.

Karin for the blog

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