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June 20, 2020
REPRINT OF ARTICLE OF LAST WEEK. NO RESPONSE FROM HELLEN OR TOM MOORE. SO MUCH FOR OPEN GOVERNMENT AND TRANSPARENCY. Why you like Uncle Tom so much. His shortfalls are legendary. He doesn’t follow the law because he doesn’t know the law. Would love to know, my readers, averaging 150 a day, would love to know. A simple note in a comment to this post would clear up my confusion on this matter. How can erstwhile smart people such as yourselves can be in love with a felon and a bum?
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Well I finally got an answer, at least a RUMOR of an answer, today. And I stress this is a rumor. I know nothing as aa fact but it makes sense to me. Two things #1 Helen when we talk, which is rarely, always, it seems to me, to ask why I dislike Tommie so much, is it because he is BLACK? The answer to her repeated question is “NO IT IS NOT BECAUSE HE IS BLACK BUT BECAUSE HE IS A RACIST AND A LIAR,” I hate liars and Tommie is a consummate liar.

But to the question and answer by rumor. Again I stress this is a rumor coming from a usually reliable source who speaks to Helen more frequently than I do. Helen also asks this person “Is it because he is BLACK?” When this person purportedly ask why Helen hasn’t taken steps to rid the town of this liar and fraud, his words not mine, Helen allegedly said because she, Helen, wants to get some of the major projects done. While it sounds incredible that she would think Tommie is the answer to our problems when he can’t fight his way out of a wet paper bag without telling a lie or two. We got a budget coming up and Tommie can’t add two and two without telling a lie. How are we gong to fix what is wrong with the town if we have a broken machine to fix the problems? Using Tommie’s own words “It is a self inflicted wound” That’s what he is, A SELF INFLECTED WOUND. It is not because he is BLACK but because he can’t lead the town. We now, because of him, have no staff and no real work is being done, especially on the Major Projects that Helen so wistfully dreams of. Instead he has the time to take pictures of the people who are adamant about his shortcomings. Helen is afraid of being sued (sounds like three years of TEBO) for discrimination and being willing to accept a slice of bread when we need a whole grocery store of stuff.

Helen is the cause, a fact I point out regularly, You either lead, follow or get out of the way. Let the three CUZ “N”‘s carry the ball for a while then see where we are. Helen needs to Get out of the Way of destruction of the town’s projects and budget. Let Tommie do it, if he is so great. Keep your seat on the Council but let Anita run the meetings. See where we are come budget time. Instead of Helen bailing out the leaking boat Anita will cause the Boat to sink in a couple of months, I guarantee it. Quit being the reason Helen and be the solution, get out of the way. Its either that or in 18 months, your election, there won’t be a town to save. Already no one except me is willing or able too come help and you Helen have no authority with this Council to affect change.

Just my thoughts on the RUMOR I heard from a usually reliable source.

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