The officials don’t seem to care if your child dies from a drug overdose; do you?


Alcohol prohibition ended more than 80 years ago, and yet, drug prohibition is alive and well. And unfortunately, it is a huge contributor to the gun violence we see on the streets every day.  And we keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again. It’s a never-ending battle, with no clear winners. Did we learn nothing from alcohol prohibition and the crime and violence it wrought?


Even if we set aside the byproduct of gun violence, the war on drugs has been a dismal failure. We’ve spend nearly one trillion dollars, and have little to show for it other than dead drug dealers and massively packed prisons.. Oh yes – and don’t forget a thriving 100 billion black market, with no sign of drug use on the decline.


Perhaps drug dealers could be rehabilitated, if only we invested in recidivism prevention. After all, drug dealers exist because the market exists. That is, if we could reduce the demand, ultimately the supply would decrease as well. Put some dealers out of business, and perhaps they may actually seek out legitimate careers – or at least less risky ones.

 “Florida’s recidivism rate is about 33%, which means that one out of every three inmates released from a Florida prison return to prison in Florida within three years. This 33% recidivism rate within three years of release increases to 65% after five years.

Our current Administration is attempting to stop Drug Trafficking into the United States but even if we try to do that, we have many drug producers and distributors who will try to use their own blends of drugs so that they make the money that they are used to.  After all, when I have spoken to some of the younger people of White Springs, I was told “Why try to get an education or work?  When you work you get minimum wage and selling drugs gives you thousands of dollars a year.

White Springs is not a metropolitan area so we do not have drug trafficking and drug production controlled by drug cartels, organized crime and gangs.  But we still have drug production and as a result we have had more crime, some deaths and near deaths.  Our police Department has their hands tied by certain individuals tied to the White Springs Town Council who either use or which they feel if drugs are lucrative the Black community especially will remain under control . So this means the Police cannot touch distributors.  Plus those in office are also known to use themselves which is evident at times at Town meetings.


You may ask, how do the officials keep the black community under control? Let’s face it Hamilton County and Especially White Springs is a location where street drug markets proliferate.  If a community has citizens who tend to be disadvantaged economically and socially, legal and social controls against violence in such areas tend to be ineffective. But what I do not understand is that within the past seven years I have lived in White Springs, the drug offenses have become worse.  We now have shootings, and stabbings, some of which result in death.  How can we stand by officials/politicians and see a race kill themselves because they just do not give a damned about anyone but themselves.

My former fiancé in Reno/Wellington brought his son to the ranch because his son was in trouble in Minneapolis for being one of the best growers of various strains of marijuana in the country.  Since my fiancé worked for the FBI, when he found a bag of Marijuana, he burned it in the yard making all the Llamas try to stand on two legs bellowing as they became drug induced.  But it did not end there, when his son took to drinking and still using pot he apparently had hidden, he not only broke his father’s fingers but held us both at gunpoint. 

While I was working in the insurance industry my roommate was going to college and I remember the first time some of her friends came over (and this was in 65-66).  Marijuana and alcohol was being smoked/consumed and before one knew it, one of her guy friends threw a bottle filled with cigarette or pot butts which smashed against the wall.  I became angry and told him to clean it up.   He then came after me and said he was going to hurt and disfigure me.  I as a former farm girl did not take kindly to being threatened.  When he backed me into a corner of the kitchen, I slipped out a butcher’s knife and stuck him just slightly so he realized I was serious.  At this point all of his friends grabbed him and left. 


That is why I am not too happy about the marijuana industry being legal.  It may be okay by itself but if you add other drugs or alcohol, you are going to have a problem.  You are either going to be near death or die as a result or you will stab or kill someone with a knife because it affects your brain and makes you much more angered and violent than you ever could imagine and then you may hurt or kill someone and spend time in prison.  That to me is not a life worth living.

These are some statistics on alcohol use I have found :

  • 3 percent of African American respondents reported that they had used alcohol in the past 30 days, compared with 22.8 percent of population as a whole
  • 6 percent of African Americans age 12 and older reported binge drinking (consuming five or more drinks in one sitting), compared with a US average of 23 percent
  • 5 percent of underage African Americans reported binge drinking in the past month, compared with 13.8 percent for the population as a whole
  • 4 percent of African Americans age 12 and older reported using illicit drugs, compared with 10.2 percent of the nation as a whole

Therefore, African Americans do not consume alcohol as the nation does os  a whole but drug use is another story and that may be primarily because drug selling and drug use is a lucrative business.  Does that make alcohol a better choice?   I don’t think so but obviously both drugs and alcohol used at the same time can cause major problems.


Most directly, it is a crime to possess, manufacture, or distribute drugs classified as having a potential for abuse (such as cocaine, heroin, morphine andamphetamines). Drugs are also related

Other crimes are related to the aforementioned and include:


  • Stealing offenses motivated by the need of the user to get money to buy drugs. There have been many thefts in the area and it is sad indeed that parents cannot get a grip on their children at an early age to stop drugs and ultimately thefts.
  • Arrestees frequently test positive for recent drug use
  • Violence money to support against rival drug continued use; and dealers
  • . offenses connected to drug distribution itself
  • Violent behavior resulting from drug effects
  • Criminal skills learned from other offenders
  • Drug users may not participate in the legitimate economy and are exposed to situations that encourage crime.
  • Drug trafficking generates violent crime
  • competition for drug markets and customers
  • disputes and rip-offs among individuals involved in the illegal drug market
  • individuals who participate in drug trafficking are prone to use violence
  • The proliferation of lethal weapons in recent years has also likely made drug violence more deadly.
  • Drug users in the general population are more likely than nonusers to commit crimes
  • . Incarcerated offenders were often under the influence of drugs when they committed their offenses.
  • Drug use and crime are common aspects of a deviant lifestyle


Parents and Officials, in White Springs you are equally to blame.  Now that Parents are seeing what is happening to their children, they wish at least for the Drug Trafficking to stop.  But where were they when allowing their children to do as they please without setting standards? Did they tell their children how important an education is?  Well Tonja Brown definitely did not tell them that but was proud that she was uneducated in talking to students at Hamilton High.  May Day also showed how the youth act during celebrations. At  the Dollar General Store there were teens and smaller children who stole items and ran out of the store; of course, without paying.  Did you not teach your children the commandment “Thou shall not steal”.  Everyone knows where drugs are sold, but the Officials have held the police back so that drugs are lucrative in White Springs.  After all, some officials and staff use drugs as well.

I know there are laws pertaining to child abuse but my family came from the old school of physical punishment for doing wrong.  Spare the Rod and Spoil the Child!   I remember when my Uncle found marijuana in his son’s drawer.  That was the end.  When his child came home, he threw his son to the wall and frankly beat the crap out of him….not seriously…but definitely meaning business.  His son never partook in drugs again and is living a wonderful life with his family.

I tried another way with a friend’s child in White Springs who was incarcerated.  Instead of my uncle’s way, I always believed in reason. I wrote to him weekly; we provided additional money monthly so he could have some things not provided by the prison system, and we purchased warm clothing and tennis shoes from the prison’s retail source so he could have what he said others had.  What we found out, when we picked him up was that all the clothing was bartered; he did not have new tennis shoes, and furthermore we found that he was able to purchase drugs with the money which was given him, through bartering for extra food items which were purchased with our money.

During that time, he was writing letters telling us how he had become closer to God; how he wished to do better and seemed to have such a wonderful attitude of being a Christian….yet, that was all the words of a deviant.  Therefore, every time someone starts bringing God into the equation, I do not trust where they are really coming from.  Here he promised to be a better person and Joe even found a job for him where he would receive training for a two year promissory to work for the company, and he started into drugs again the night he returned to White Springs and threatened his mother’s friend with a knife.  And I felt he would have had so much potential that it truly saddened me.

Something I also realized is that when we had the military draft, we did not have as much crime.  Some how the military put everyone in shape.

Something has to be done in White Springs.  Maybe it means voting out everyone or having a recall of everyone who has caused this devastation in White Springs so our police  do not have their hands tied and can get rid of the dealers and producers in White Springs. Too many youth in White Springs are in jeopardy and if continued they will die. And, it is a shame that these officials and staff do not care if your children die; it is almost as if they feel that if someone dies it will be a less problem for White Springs  That is so Wrong!!


Karin for the blog


P. S.  Just because your life did not go as planned, remember all the choices you made along the way were yours; not anyone else’s demand .  So don’t place your children in the same disadvantages you chose and let them know they can do and be anything that they wish to be including President of the United States if only they study hard and make something out of their lives.




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