What’s he afraid of? That others will see they lied?

This is a photo of Tommie Jones taking a photo of me taking photos of the entryway of Town Hall as evidence that Joe could not have done what those at Town Hall said he could. Joe initially called Jones to say why the two of us would be taking photos at 3:00 pm. I arrived first at the door to find it was locked and we were not allowed in. So since there is plenty of glass, I pointed my lens through the window with the flash on and got some fantastic photos. If he told the truth which we know he , Beverly and Cynethis have not, why would he lock us out. After I took about ten or more photos, Joe knocked on the door and told him to open it up.. He finally did so I did take a few inside photos Joe and I thanked him and left.

Karin for the blog

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  1. I remember the day when Joe came home telling me he asked for the Sheriff’s department to be at Town Hall so they could see Tommie refusing to provide 119’s, I almost laughed my head off at the antics of Tommie Jones. Tommie then said “He is trying to hit my head” and in order for Joe to have tried because his wrist and hands are large he would have had to have been Rubber Man or Plastic Man. But Tommie is not so funny, realizing Joe would have had to have been one of the former, he and the rest changed their story. Now the funny part is that when I was still taking photos after Tommie finally let us in, Joe purposely put his head on the Plexi glass and because of the bars it wouldn’t move and I didn’t hear a sound. Tommie needed to come up with a better story. What a Con-man but he is all of yours White Springs! Karin

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