Something never brought up in a meeting but discussed with the Attorney and Jones

You will note that on February 14, 2020, Attorney Logan was asked to review the FRS correspondence regarding Liquid Aluminum Sulfate Litigation and requirements for filing a claim including communication with Tommie Jones regarding Same.

I pulled this on the internet and apparently our Town must have purchased Liquid Aluminum Sulfate during the time period before but was never mentioned in the meeting.  If this notice was given to our attorney on February 14, 2020, you will note that the Claims form needed to be completed the next day or February 15th.  How long did we have the FRS letter and surely there would have been some type of notice prior to that…probably in Tebo’s paperwork or thereafter because I would believe that it had to have been noticed in October or prior since if you wished to be excluded from the Class Action suit it would have been by October 7th.


In re Liquid Aluminum Sulfate Antitrust Litigation
Civil Action No. 16-md-2687
If You Purchased Liquid Aluminum Sulfate From January 1, 1997 Through February 28, 2011, You Could Get Money From Class Action Settlements Totaling Up To $33.625 Million
Contact the Settlement Administrator at or 1-866-217-4455

Your Legal Rights and Options in These Settlements
Submit a Claim Form To receive money from the Settlement Funds, you will need to file a Claim Form by February 15, 2020. (See the Notice for additional details)
Exclude Yourself from the Settlement Classes This option allows you to exclude yourself from any or all of these Settlements and instead file a lawsuit against the Settling Defendants that asserts claims related to the allegations or claims in this case. The exclusion deadline is October 7, 2019. (See the Notice for additional details)
Object to the Settlements Do not exclude yourself. Write to the Court and explain what you do not like about any of these Settlements. The objection deadline is October 7, 2019. (See the Notice for additional details)
Go to a Hearing Ask to speak in Court about the fairness of the Settlements. Your notice of intention to appear at the Final Approval Hearing must be postmarked no later than October 7, 2019. (See the Notice for additional details)
Do Nothing Give up rights to be part of any other lawsuit that asserts claims related to the allegations or claims against the Settling Defendants in this case.

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