This consultant rubbish has to cease and desist immediately

Joe and I have searched and researched what other municipalities have done and whether, even in another State, a municipality would dare hire a consultant as a “Town Manager” or “Interim Town Manager”   And although we Thought we found something in East Greenwich Connecticut, what we found was an Advertisement for a “Consultant to the Acting Town Manager”

You will note the consultant may not make decisions but only support others and neither will the individual or the firm be considered for the town manager position.   And you will note that it states no longer than four months in which the Consultant will work.  We already are against common law and Florida Statutes by taking Councilwoman Rivers suggestion to retain Mr. Jones until a Town Manager is hired since we did not have the words “but it is not expected to exceed six, two more or four more weeks)   This is a temporary fix by a Town Attorney who does not follow the dictates of the courts and our  Mayor who feels this will save money but which is costing more for legal expenses.

“The Town” seeks the services of a qualified consultant (individual or firm) to support specific initiatives who is experienced in municipal operations, finance, labor contracts and administrative recruitment.  The consultant WILL SUPPORT the Acting Town Manager, Town Department Directors, and School Superintendent in their day-to-day operations and administrative duties UNTIL A PERMANENT TOWN MANAGER takes office.  The consultant will report directly to the East Greenwich Town Council.

The work will include, but not be limited to, a financial review and analysis of the FY 2018 Town Budget, projection for the FY 2019 Town Budget and the preparation of the FY 2020 Town Budget, identification of key municipal issues, organizational strategic planning and the communication of this strategy to employees.  The consultant must have experience in municipal finance with a CPA and/or MBA certification and have experience in municipal contract negotiations.

This position requires a full-time commitment with the ability to provide additional evening time as needed to attend Town Council and other night meetings.  The position will continue until a new Town Manager has taken office or the Town Council elects to end this consulting engagement, but is not expected to exceed four months.  The Town is expecting to begin work on this project as soon as the award is made.  This position is a temporary assignment and neither the individual applicant nor any member of the applicant’s company will be considered for employment with the Town of East Greenwich when this assignment is completed.

Background:   The newly elected 2018-2020 Town Council for the Town of East Greenwich is starting its term without a permanent Town Manager or Finance Director.  The Town is also in the midst of its FY 2018 Comprehensive Financial Annual Report.

Therefore, the Town Council and Acting Town Manager are in need of assistance from a consultant in maintaining the Town’s operations and finances, reviewing and analyzing the Town’s financial status, initiating labor negotiations with the Town’s municipal unions and leading a successful process for a permanent Town Manager and Finance Director.

The consultant also was required to have three years of municipal experience.  Our Attorney has put together a new agreement saying Tommie Jones has all this experience but he only has had sewer and water experience, starting with his prison sentence and  which he did not even try to secure a new certificate nor did he retain his previous certifications.  Further more he places all the different computer systems he worked with, which in some cases the “tenses” seem to be present and future, like as if it was copied from a manual he kept from Broward County.   He obviously is not as qualified in programming and left his prior job because he could not handle supervising programmers, so how did he have so much experience in municipal operations.  None.  And although our mayor states he has 40 years of experience, his resume’ states 23 and none of which pertains to municipalities.

If the Town Attorney for White Springs does not fess up that she is handling this entire matter wrongly and advise the Town to correct this travesty, there will be another complaint by me to the Florida Bar.  And her paperwork of explanation nor Mayor Millers will assist the situation.   We warned you, we made a viable complaint showing the various laws, rules, and charter provisions and some of this is common law.  But you have ignored us.  So keep it up, you are ruining your own reputation and the reputation of your law firm, Ms. Logan.  This is unacceptable. Your explanations are unacceptable and this is not litigation where you can skirt the law and hope that a jury believes you. And as a consultant and with no prior municipal experience, Tommie Jones should not be allowed to apply for the Town Manager position.


By the way, the motion made by Anita Rivers was wrong and no one called it out.  You cannot hire a Consultant by law without a time frame of so many months, days weeks, etc.  And now the council made motion that Jones is on until a permanent Town Manager is hired which is another wrong.

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