Teleconference Remote Access

Dial-in Number Toll Free +1 (669) 224-3318

Access Code 996-391-109

 1.  Call to order, Invocation, and Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the        USA

  2. Roll Call

   3. Additions, Deletions, and/or Amendments to the Agenda 

   4. Consent Docket:  All items are considered by one motion, unless                 removed from the Docket by a member of the Council


a)  Approval of May 12, 2020 Agenda

b)  Accounts Receivables and Payables for April 2020

c)   Approval of Minutes, Regular Meeting held April 14, 2020

d)   Approval of Minutes Special Meeting Agenda April 22, 2020

e)   Approval of Minutes Organizational Meeting Agenda April 30, 2020


5.  Reports

  •  Town Manager

  • Town Fire Chief

  • Town Code Enforcement Officer

  • Chair Person Special Events

  • Chair Person Recreation

  • Chair Planning & Zoning

  • Town Police Chief

  • Town Attorney


  6.  Old Business

  •  Current Status of Town Manager Contract

  • Current Status White Springs Curfew

  • Current Status Application Fire Truck

  • True Choice / Blue Telecommunications

  7.  New Business

        Mittauer and Associates

  • DEO Rural Infrastructure Fund (RIF) Grant Award

  • Consideration / Approval of Change Order No. 2 for SRF I/I Correction (Sewer Rehabilitation) project

  • Consideration/ Approval of Mittauer & Associates, Inc.’s Engineering Services Agreement for Additional Services for the RIF Grant

  • Late Utility Fees and Cut Offs for the Month of May

  • Community Center Internal External Door Locks

  • Selection Interviews Town Manager

  • New Posting of Town Clerk & Cashier / Office Assistant

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