Look who’s trying to start trouble for our Great Chief

When I saw this on the Admin post, I couldn’t believe it.  Here is a man whose son did nothing but use the Red Fire SUV for personal use no matter how they lied and they dare to pick on the best Fire Chief White Springs has ever had.  I don’t believe this story for a moment and my hats off for Chief Pittman doing his job.

I guess Mr. Greene has not seen firefighters or responders in action.  In coming from a small town of just around 750, all the responders drove like that to get to the destination or fire.  What about ambulances.  Can you complain about them too?

What laws did your son break when he hid all that paraphernalia of Townsend’s, knowing that what Townsend did to kids wasn’t right.

Put a sock in it Mr. Greene, Please.

Joe Greene White Springs Admins you need to take a long look at the driving habits of Keven Pittman! Today he was lights and sirens on Kendrick Street. This was senseless and put the kids lives in jeopardy. Running at least 50-60 Mph in Kendrick was senseless. Seeing how all that was needed was a landing site at the ball field. After running this fast the chopper didn’t land for 15-20 mins later. So why put kids lives in jeopardy on Kendrick St! Enough is enough before Pittman kills a child in our neighbor hood! It’s time for action in the written form on Kevin Pittman! Or fire Pittman for violating FS statue. No need for running the white pick in this way! Liability in action. Our neighborhood needs to take note.

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  1. Yet it’s ok for little baby girl Greene to run well over a hundred miles an hour on I75 for a call of a tree down with no body hurt. Keep your shit to yourself Joe Greene at least the Fire Department is responding to calls unlike your child bride Little girl Andrew.

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