Our system of open government is a valued and intrinsic part of the heritage of our state. Each day, Floridians use these laws to inform themselves as citizens, to attend government meetings and to review government records. As a result of these efforts, government leaders can be held accountable for their actions. The Founding Fathers of our country recognized this fundamental truth during our nation’s infancy and it remains just as valid today. As James Madison said: “Knowledge will forever govern ignorance; and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives.” Florida is nationally recognized for its strong support for government in the sunshine and this commitment is reflected in our statutes and Constitution. As Attorney General, I remain committed to the principles of transparency embodied in these laws and the benefits they secure for our state.

Ashley Moody

Attorney General of the State of Florida

It may be so in the state of Florida as a whole but it is certainly NOT true in White Springs. Our Town Fathers and Mothers love us being ignorance  of what is going on in town.

Let’s take the present case, one of scores of similar cases, for example. For over three months I have asked for in various ways at various times for our Town Manager’s paycheck cut 28th or the 29th of October 2019. I had a copy of the check and have misplaced it. For three months I’ve asked for a second copy. Because of what I have seen but can’t prove because I don’t have a copy of the check certain truths are on that check concerning our Town Manager being a consultant and not an employee, or vice versa.

Meagan Logan, our erstwhile legal expert is aiding the town in failure to follow open government laws by saying that our Town Manager, because he is a consultant,  is immune from the Public Records Law and the Sunshine law. She can even produce a State Statute which affirms such. Stop and think for a minute please. The town can void history’s lessons not to mention the Florida Constitution numerous laws and an untold number of decisions by the Supreme Court of Florida as well as countless Appellate Court Decisions with Ms. Logan’s ruling.  She makes the Government in the Sunshine Manual worthless and Attorney General Moody’s statement a LIE.

If her statement were true, that a town manager is immune from Public’s knowledge and scrutiny, every crooked town in Florida would make its town manager a consultant. But none, repeat none, are, not a single one. Why, because it is illegal for a public servant to be beyond the law, especially the Sunshine Law and the Public Records Law.

Save us from this bastardizaion of Florida’s cherished Open Government heritage that Attorney General Moody speaks so highly of. FREE WHITE SPRINGS FROM SELF-SERVING PUBLIC SERVANTS, ESPECIALLY THOSE SERVANTS WHO KNOW THE LAW.





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