Was it really Karma that Merlin would again meet Morgana Faye

This was a story of an author/inventor friend from Miami who I was in business with, whose life became literally one mess after another.  Whether it was Karma, I do not know, but it did not seem healthy, the more I would know.  He fell for the wrong person in the end, who only wanted the things he could provide.  His other business partner had her own problems because her aunts took the $6 million she was to have at her mother’s death.  The reason being she was adopted. Therefore, I had to pick up and take care of things when he died.  Yet he did not bury me and I was able to escape financially.  It was sad because if he was Merlin in a previous life, he did not use his senses to realize the many steps he had been taking would cause him grief, and children’s lives were messed up as a result.  Unfortunately he passed away without happiness ever coming past his door.  Although we were friends, he claimed I was Morgana Faye and he was uncertain he could totally trust me but said in that past life I, as Morgana, almost lost my soul but he could see I became more spiritual than him.

He was spoiled as a teenager, when his mother became the wife of a member of the syndicate.

 He was used to riches and fame but his time of being spoiled ended when a divorce by his mother changed his fate

 At some point he decided to go out on his own, and as a navy seal he went far

 And his anger pulled him through as a seal in the Vietnam war

 For years he worked for a power company and moved up the ladder

 Until his accident with a motorcycle changed his life not for the better

 His wife was angry because it meant financial problems and not a new house

And with the loss of his leg, he was let go by his boss.

 Yet when he tried to find another government position, he was barred

 No one would hire him because he did not have a degree which made employment hard

 So with the money he received from the injuries from the other person’s car

 He started a computer business but went out on the limb too far.

 He always needed to feel that he had the best of the best

 And spent his money without needing the exceptional furnishings or any of the rest

 He finally decided to take his family to Holland on a trip

 Since it had been years since his wife had seen her family since her marriage which seemed like a jip

 He blamed her for not outwardly showing him affection

 But had he not looked himself in another direction?

 Well the saga continued when he left his bank account in the hands of another individual

 Without limitations, the bank allowed all funds to be taken turning him inside out and down the middle

 Now he had to sell his business in despair

 and being used to money, he could almost pull out his hair.

 He decided his life with his wife needed to end

 and set forth to another City because the poverty would not mend

 His wife accepted the love, charity and gifts of all the neighbors

 But knew when he moved in with his mother, she would receive no favors.

 Although money was sent home to the family,

 he found a new love in another which made him feel more manly

 While this woman took what she could from his mother

 He decided to get a divorce from his wife and not see his daughter

 After there was no more to take, the new lady in his life decided to leave

 And in the meantime, his wife was suffering cancer as a disease

 Finally his wife had her last Thanksgiving with him at her side

 She thanked God for finally some comfort when finally he did abide

 Shortly thereafter she died, and with a house which was unpaid

 His daughter was faced to liquidate everything and payments she made

 In the meantime, he had not a care

 The lady in his life came back to the liar

 But soon she asked for too much

 And he could not sell anything more to pay for his lustful crutch

 She left again for another who could provide her riches

 While he in the meantime considered all women bitches.

 But doesn’t one have to pay for one’s mistake

 He knew it would not be in this life and would have another life to partake

 He became nasty and demanding to all

 And the kindnesses from others he took without standing tall

 Trying to hold them back and yet not showing his love

 Even though they stood by his side and did so unconditionally up and above

 One day he passed on in spite of his feeling he was invincible

 To leave yet another as a matter of principal

 To handle the financial mess he had again put another at bay

 But in a past life she was Morgana Faye

 And had she not placed him in the rock previously?

 So now isn’t it right that she be placed in a rock so deviously?

 Well Merlin, Morgana will remove herself from the rock

 Because she learned well from a time when you were under lock

 But isn’t Karma fun?

 No, Morgana will never run.









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