SECTION 4 INTRO AND sub 1 and 2.

Recruiting efforts to fill current or projected vancancies shall be the responsibility of the Town Manager. As a goal, the workforce of White Springs should be representational of the population of the Town. White Springs is an Equal Employment Oportunity Employer and applications shall be evaluated based upon the required knowledge, skill and abilities for the position without regard to a person’s age, race, color, sex, religious creed, national origin, political opinions or affiliations, marital status or handiccap, except when such requirement constitutes a bono fide occum0ational qualification necesary to performthe task associated with the position.

Qualified current employees (note we have no CURRENT Employees who are qualifed.) shall be given the first opportunity to apply and be considered for any vacancy. Existing employees (employees only not Consultants) will be made aware of of vacancies prior to public advertisement or notice. The town can promote within or may choose to advertise publicly and consider all sapplicants at once, including internal applications from existing employees (not Consultants) Notice of vacancies are provided through postings on Town Bulletin Boards, paid advertisement, public service notifications, notifications to community organizations and any other means deemed necessary by the Hiring Authority.

A. sub 1. Any aplicant including employees of the Town (not consultants) must apply in writing using the Town approved application form for the announced position vacancies

A. sub 2. In order to be eligible for consideration,, all applications must be receeived by 5:00 p.m. on the closing date.


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