Citizen Complaint procedure

Helen Miller

2:40 PM (1 hour ago)

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Joe and Karin:
I will ask the Council and our attorney to address the need for a citizen complaint process and set of procedures.  We will start by reviewing the ordinance from 1999 and then the ordinance that rescinded it.  We will also attempt to locate the Fred Koberlein letter that provided a procedure for filing citizen complaints and Council procedure
for evaluating the complaints.Since we will have change in Council membership beginning with the May meeting, I believe it would be appropriate to add this issue to the May agenda.


Mayor Helen Miller

After 20 years it is about time. I have a suggestion that the investigation of the Complaint be ACCOMPLISHED in accordance with the Sunshine Law, which says the investigation must be public and the Complining Citizen must be heard from.  No Fact Finding evolution. It must be an investigation replete with Complaintant’s input.
Walter would never agree with this. Walter single handedly voted to not support Koberlein’s suggestion. He is an idiot and  I, for one, am glad he is gone, How can a complaint be disproved if the investigation officer doesn’t at least speak to the Complaintant to determine ALL of the facts? Otherwise it is NOT Due Process.
But it is a step in the right direction. Bring back MO 99-20 with the only addition is the statement above. For the first time since I have lived in town a Citizen Comlaint will be handled according to the Charter,that is to say in accordance with Federal and State Law.

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