The RHATT Pack Watch, – Day 696

Today is Sunday, March 22nd, Day 696 of the RHATT Pack Watch.


Officially, the Red-Face Ratt has been out of the Town Council for eleven months, but he and his “Gang of Thugs” including members Sell-Out Willie, Mindless “Splain it to Me” Tanja , the illegal alien “Mini-Me Despot” Lofty, the “Out of Towner” Lapdog “Scammer in Chief” Tebo, Wannabe “Side Show Man” Nateal, his two incompetent flunkies Cousin Pam “The Ballot-box Stuffer” and Cousin Evonne, and of course Sister Ratt “The Pedophile Enabler” continue to try to destroy White Springs and its residents.


Today, the Ratt is particularly distressed after his latest efforts to retake White Springs failed dismally.  You may recall recently the Ratt huddled with RHATT Pack members to come up with a plan to gain access to the precious funds of the Town of White Springs.  The RHATT Pack made tons of suggestions, but the Ratt settled on a few that he thought would do it for him.  His primary strategy was to run at least two candidates for Town Council.  He began by funding Cousin Arthur “The Side Show Man” through his radio station.  Cousin Arthur ran down to Town Hall and pulled a candidate package.  Unfortunately for the Ratt, nobody wanted to sign his candidate petition and the Ratt was unable to get his deceased former voters to sign on.  As a result, Cousin Arthur couldn’t turn in a candidacy package, and thus will not be on the ballot.

And then there was Cousin Melvin, Sister Ratt was banking on Cousin Melvin.  Of course, he ran right down to Town Hall also.  When he arrived at Town Hall, he was disoriented and had no idea whether he met the qualification to run for the office of Town Council.  He soon learned that he didn’t.  As a result, Cousin Melvin will not be on the ballot.

The Ratt worked hard to get Cousin Henrietta to consider running for Town Council.  After all, the Ratt figured he was owed by Cousin Henrietta and the rest of her family.  Recall, it was the Ratt who ordered his “Scammer in Chief” Lapdog Tebow to embezzle three quarters of a million dollars of Town Funds and give some of it to Henrietta’s brother.  You know how the Bullard game works.  I embezzle money for you; You do favors for me.  Well Cousin Henrietta marched into Town Hall and picked up a candidacy package.  And even though Cousin Tanja promised enough signed petitions from her extended family, there just wasn’t any interest in Cousin Henrietta being on the Council by anyone.  Again the result being that Cousin Henrietta will not be on the ballot.

And last but not least there’s Cousin Scott.  He just didn’t show up.  Again, another Cousin who will not be on the Ballot.  In essence, the Ratt was unable to get any RHATT Pack surrogates on the Ballot for the Town of White Springs’ Town Council.   This was unfortunate because the Ratt’s second strategy to retake White Springs was to control and modify votes as needed.  He knew that his past successful approach, to access the Ballot box at Cousin Pam’s home was out of the question.  For this, the Ratt modified his strategy.  He positioned himself and the RHATT Pack members as poll workers for the primary election earlier this week.  His belief was that he could then be in charge of the White Springs’ polling place for the Town Council election.  If he controlled the polling place, the Ratt figured he could alter votes as needed.  This too failed because only three candidates qualified for the Town Council election of three seats up for election.  No election is needed.

The RATT was down to his third and final strategy, legal mumbo jumbo. He began by looking for a reason to disqualify the entire election process.  Unfortunately for the Ratt, Hamilton County election officials had already verified the White Springs’ election process and actions with State Officials.  White Springs had undertaken everything associated with its election process correctly.  The Ratt concluded, if he couldn’t upset the election process itself, maybe he could upset one of the candidates.  For this, the Ratt focused on one of his past tried and proven dirty tactics, misinterpreting the handwriting of one or more petition signers.  While the Ratt was able to disqualify a few petition signers, in the end, all three of the Town Council candidates were certified as meeting the requirements for election.  All the Ratt could do was return to his lair and sulk.

The White Springs’ treasury was too much of a price for the Ratt to sulk for too long.  He wanted every cent he could lay his hands on.  If the Ratt couldn’t take over the Town Council, then he wanted to put someone in a position to access the money.  So, the Ratt called his RHATT Pack gang members together again and demanded more suggestions.  In fact, the RHATT Pack is working on a new plan for the Ratt as you read this.


If nothing else besides being a dirty trickster, the Ratt is persistent about stealing all the money he can.  And, of course, the Ratt’s still up to his dirty tricks.  The Ratt doesn’t care one bit about you or White Springs.  The only thing the Ratt cares about is himself and access to White Springs funds for himself and his Gang if there’s anything left over.

It’s Day 696 and the Red-Face Ratt hasn’t changed or gone away.  The RHATT Pack Watch will continue!

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