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We need a Strong Mayor Council Form of Governance to get out of this mess.

22 YEARS AGO The state  of Florida told  us just the opposite, that “we need Weak Mayor form of government to get out of this mess.” I as of  yet, don’t know how I feel about the question but I’m leaning toward a Weak Mayor form of government.

The problem with White Springs, as I see it,  is the WEAK Council in hiring our professional Town Managers. The council has not done a good job,  one would say a very poor job, of  hiring Town Managers. Name me one manager that has been worth his weight in salt as a Town Manager. Bet you can’t do it. The Council has done a piss poor job  of guiding the town manager in terms of their purchasing power (like the new pick up truck). The weak Council can’t make a decision on important items, like giving Stacy a two year contract when it was clear that she was incompetent.

No I think that the town Council is at fault for our inability to hire and maintain a good Town Manger. The members of the council  have become gods of White Springs instead of servants of the people. Do a good job of hiring a Town Manager, for once, and the Weak Mayor form of government will work just fine.

I don’t want the state coming to us in 10 years and saying “you need a weak mayor form of government”. It is evident that we, as a town, have a complete inability to govern ourselves. WE need a Town Manger who is worth his weight in salt. And Tommie isn’t it. Instead of bloviating about the bike club we need real leadership and I am concerned that Helen isn’t  it and who takes over after Helen quits?

In my  next article I will point out what guarantees I would need to support   Strong Mayor form of Government here in White Springs. The State wasn’t wrong 20 years ago and there is no reason to believe that such is not the case today. For once hire the best and the brightest that our money can afford. In 22 years we haven’t done that, not Once.

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