Letter to the editor: Do away with ‘Home Rule’

Isn’t it funny that the Liberals wish larger government and “Democratic” Socialism so that they may get all kinds of free things. Yet, when the Florida Legislature wishes to rescind the “Home Rule”, they do not want that. What they wish is to be able to rule themselves, which history has proved these people are incapable of for their many illicit behaviors, lawlessness and bias but they also want free things.

Government doesn’t work that way. If you wish all those free things, the Government will soon rule what you earn and who and how you work and make certain what you do goes to others who cannot work and mainly to the Government for supervising you.

White Springs and Jasper both have shown that they cannot rule themselves and there is too much “Good Ole Boy” going on. I SAY LET THE STATE RESCIND THE HOME RULE SO THAT THE LAWS PREVAIL AND FINALLY ALL THE PEOPLE WILL HAVE RIGHTS UNDER THE LAW.

Karin Griffin

White Springs

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