At todays Open House/ Ribbon Cutting at the Suwannee Hardware and Feed store I spoke t o Tommie and told him about his phone in his office at 397 2310 not being able to take messages. At first Tommie said OH, I didn’t know that and then his brain kicked in and he said well Stacy had so many calls that we’re having a hard time getting rid of them all. What phooey. I don’t believe that White Springs has a voice mail box machine capable of taking thousands of messages that you can’t erase with the punch  of a button, a delete key if you will. I discovered this problem `14 days ago and even wrote a story in it in the Blog. I’ve left three messages, two with Yvonne, to give to Tommie a message that citizens should be able to leave messages for their Consultants and Town Managers and that his voice mail box was full and had been for at least two weeks.

Then today we got another lie, something Tomie is infamous for. For the life of me I can’t see why a citizen who wants to leave a message can’t do so. Is he that sure I don’t have anything to say worth hearing that he keeps all citizens from leaving him messages?  Apparently so.

Want to check out this fact Mr. Brazil and any other readers. Call the office at their number, 397 2310. Then wait for  Pam to tell you the office is closed. When prompted press number one and Tommie’s phone will tell you that the Box is Full and can’t take any messages. As I said its been two weeks now, maybe longer.

But the major point is that Tommie lies for a  living and Helen, Walter and Anita think nothing of it. He’d rather lie than tell the truth. Wouldn’t it be easier just to say he didn’t know instead of blaming Stacy. Go ahead Mr. Brazil, Check it out for yourself. Do it tonight before the truthfully challenged one actually does something to help the Citizens.


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