In 2012 Miller was named Municipal Official of the Year

Mayor Helen Miller of White Springs received the 2012 Suwannee River League of Cities (SRLC) Municipal Official of the Year award at last Thursday’s (April 11) quarterly Board of Directors’ Meeting held in Madison, FL.

Florida League of Cities President Manny Marono, Mayor of Sweetwater, made the presentation to Mayor Miller. In his presentation, Marono stated: “The 2012 SRLC Municipal Official of the Year has accomplished a great deal in her 32 months of service. This individual worked to start summer enrichment and after school programs for K-12 youth, as well as an adult and community education program. Through these initiatives, the town has made use of more than $300,000 in grant funding. The after school program was saved after funding ran out through the diligence of this individual and the community. The 2012 Municipal Official of the Year has worked in cooperation with the University of Florida to complete an architectural visioning for the community and presented the plan at the Florida Rural Economic Summit and to Governor Rick Scott.

The award recipient was nominated for her tireless effort on projects and resolutions that address and attempt to reverse the continued drawdown of the Floridan Aquifer. She has also worked to establish food and fuel banks in her community, hosted a series of community forums to identify the concerns of the citizenry, appointed committees or individuals to act on citizens’ concerns, and initiated the position of Health Counsel for White Springs.

When a group of juveniles broke into her home, Miller worked to create programs that benefit youth and adults in the community instead of seeking punishment for the individuals.

A quote from her nomination reads: “Mayor Miller has made White Springs a better place to live and has brought all sides of our community together to address our problems, needs, hopes and aspirations.”

After being named Municipal Official of the Year, Mayor Miller was installed as a new SRLC Board Member to serve the 2013-1015 term.

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