Nothing’s changed only some of the players are different



  • Walter McKenzie has continually interfered with the process of selecting the best and the brightest candidates for Town Manager and other positions even though he was told some of the candidates had colorful backgrounds.  This interference is consistent with the entire WS Town Administration who will falsify background checks just to have the person they want (i.e. The Rivers situation where they blatantly lied).  


  • Helen Miller and Walter McKenzie have picked the friends of a friend of a friend especially through North Florida Broadband Association in which millions was spent with very little if no return.  They could not even provide financials.


  • In my opinion it has led to catastrophic results for the taxpayer.  It almost seems as though they are serving themselves rather than their citizen constituents.  We have a sidewalk to nowhere and an amphitheater where two beautiful oak trees for shade stood, but disappeared early morning to a destination unknown.  Who uses it? One would die of heat? Yes the money may have come from grants but I do not believe the grant money was spent as it was intended.


  • Then after hearing all of the excuses given to various citizens concerning the exorbitant sewer rate, Mayor Helen Miller proudly stated that without the increase in sewer rates the Town would not have had the collateral to establish a $3 million revolving loan. Since Miller likes to spend money on her pet projects, without council approval, this situation scares me to death.


  • We have wasted enough of the taxpayers’ funds with those who cannot stick to a budget nor do they wish to.  It is time that Helen Miller adhere to the charter relating to her “Weak Mayor form of government” like Mayor McKire and let a real viable best of the best town manager straighten out the mess this administration has gotten the Town into.


  • Let’s hope McKenzie can keep his fingers out of the pie long enough to hire the best and the brightest and not one of his friends from the North Florida Broadband Association. His friend may be the best and the brightest and the most qualified but without a thorough evaluation of all applicants we just won’t know who the best and the brightest is.


  • For goodness sake, let’s do this one right. It is time to re-write the budget for the next FY and get rid, as McKenzie says he wants to do,of the high sewer bills.  Or was this a ploy by McKenzie to get some votes? 


  • White Springs is like a beautiful sleepy hollow but who would have known when moving here that the headless horseman rides a BMW?

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