Showcase one of your great dishes at the “Taste of White Springs”

If you have read the blog relating to the February 26th meeting, you will realize that the Special Events committee, even though there has been no communication by the Town Officials or money received in some cases has gone above and beyond to ascertain the events go as planned….that means even spending their own money.

Ms. Paige Bullard mentioned that currently the special events committee has lined up many deserts for the “Taste of White Springs” and that we need some savory dishes.  I also decided to commit with a dish that hopefully will be large enough to feed over 100 people.  Usually 150 people attend at $5.00 each.

Now I have been here long enough to know that the ladies in White Springs are some fabulous chefs in their own right and  it would be great if you may consider showcasing one of your fabulous savory dishes at the “Taste of White Springs”  Not only will the attendees be praising your great dishes but the Committee will be forever grateful.

Let’s help the Special Events Committee provide a truly great Taste of White Springs and make this festival the best it has ever been.

Karin Griffin

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