Go to Town Hall, ask Tommie for a copy of the audio disk from the February Workshop and listen to it. Particularly listen to the part about 30% through the hour recording and be attuned to Helen talking about ” A REBUILDING YEAR” for the Wild Azalea Festival. Then listen to Walter BLOVIATING about he was unwilling to spend money on an unplanned event because it is a REBUILDING YEAR. The WSJ took him at his word, our mistake. We knew he was a liar and must have just forgotten. No other excuse for getting the abridged falsehood of Walter tonight. We just trusted him.

I’m SORRY IF THE PEOPLE THINK that the White Springs Journal is a product of the town proper. The WSJ is the only publication in town that will tell you the truth about what the Council says and does. Let me clear this up for all of you that don’t know what you are reading. The White Springs Journal is a BLOG. It is definitely not a mouthpiece for the corrupt Town Council and town staff of White Springs.. And it certainly  is not a favorite of Walter’s or Helen’s. It is too honest for their liking.

Go ahead, buy the disk, listen to the truth. As Walter said tonight “I know what I said.” The disk proves what a liar Walter is. Either that or he has Alzheimer and doesn’t know it. He’s been unconscious on the Council for 18 years and all he wants to talk about is the Bicycle Club.

Buy the disk.

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