Has McKenzie’s performance improved since his 2014 Campaign flyer?

… According to Wally’s Campaign Flyer of 2014.


What has Wally done while on the Council? Voted 250 plus times with Helen Miller. Of course he attended Council meetings. That is why he was elected. That is no big deal.

80 Newspaper columns. How that is a function of better government escapes me and it is something for his ego although it really doesn’t represent White Springs and the great things which are happening.  I would like to see birth announcements, weddings, who joined the Military, what distinguished guests visited someone, etc..

20 Florida Broadband meetings. This sure worked out.  The Florida Broadband could not provide financials and basically went defunct spending Government money after various localities refused to join.  We only lost $3 million of Obama dollars.

10 CSO meetings.?

8 Suwannee League of Cities meetings. However it doesn’t appear anything was learned about the laws of the State or information provided by the league.

4 White Springs Special Events Committee Meetings. We were told at the time the fraternity that was the WS Special Events Committee, asked him to cease attending because he talked incessantly.

5 School Board Meetings. Did it save SHE? It certainly did not.

4 Hamilton County Commission Meetings. I ask again how did that benefit White Springs?  He didn’t even attend meetings to beg the County to do something last year 2019 to bring our firefighters back.  We did and  He did nothing.

If he is so involved then why did nothing get accomplished?

NOW WATER AND SEWER RATES. HE VOTED FIVE TIMES TO INCREASE YOUR WATER AND SEWER RATES. So what if he put it on the agenda for “sometime in the future”? He’s the one who voted to give us the Higher Sewer Rates. And, he is the one who pledged the higher sewer rates as collateral for the new $3. Million loan.


We want someone who will accomplish something, not someone who just goes to meetings and bloviating his fellow citizens to tears or sleep.

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