A complaint to get Tonja Brown removed from the Council will be addressed on Wednesday.

The Town Complaint which will be discussed at Wednesday Night’s Meeting is from Nicole B. Williams, addressed to Mayor Helen Miller.   In reading it, I believe that I am going to sound like Stacy Tebo.  It looks like verbiage and the style with which Mayor Miller would use rather than Nicole Williams and the new Gang of three definitely does not like Tonja Brown (who is not up for election).

Council Member Tonja Brown’s behavior during the February 11, 2020 Council Meeting is another example of her continuing malfeasance, nonfeasance and willful violation of behavior prohibited in the Town Charter.  In this citizen’s complaint, I ask you, the Town Council, to take action to reprimand her for actions that cause harm to the Town and Citizens.

At this month’s council meeting, on an important vote, Ms. Brown voted “sustained”, on the motion to support Mayor Miller’s recommendation to dismiss Joe Griffin’s complaint against Town Attorney Logan.  Ms. Brown’s option on voting are “yes”, “No”, or to recuse herself, if she has a conflict of interest in the issue being voted on.  Ms. Brown did not say she had a conflict of interest.  Instead she voted “sustained” which is meaningless.  As you know, this is not the first time Ms. Brown has refused to vote on a motion before the council.  What are you doing about her refusing to fulfill her duty to the people by not voting as required?  Why is she on the council if she is refusing to vote on matters before the council?  (Remember when Helen Miller refused to vote on certain things when Rhett Bullard was mayor?  She walked out.)

At the November and December 2019 and the January 2020 council meetings, Ms. Brown gave reports for the Special Events Committee.  However, in reality, Ms. Brown’s reports provided no factual information, only false and misleading statements.  Instead, she refused to give you and the town any real information.  She said the Special Events Committee had not met, she did not know what was going on, she went so far as to refuse to tell us when the Dr. MLK Jr. lunch was going to begin.  At this month’s council meeting, Ms. Brown said she did not know about council meetings in the Fall of 2019, when in fact, she attended these meetings and voted.  These willful false statements are prohibited by Section 10.02 Prohibitions of the Town Charter, p.32.  What are you going to do about her willfully making false and misleading statements at council meetings?  (There is precedence in allowing all of Town Hall to lie and get away with it; not only staff but the officials themselves, so Ms. Brown is not the only one that could be blamed for such allegations).

I have seen Ms. Brown interfering with Administrative Assistant Yvonne Bryant’s ability to get her job done by coming into town hall, sitting next to Ms. Bryant, and reading the Jasper News.  Ms. Brown also tries to tell Town Manager Tommie Jones what to do about town business.  In fact, I have a photo of Ms. Brown’s sign-in on the Visitor Log where she writes she is coming into Town Hall for MANAGING.  Managing is Mr. Jones’ job, not hers, and it’s an interference that should result in forfeiture of her office as a Council Member.  We all remember that Ms.  Brown voted to remove Mayor miller from office for less serious allegations, and which were not true, but her behavior goes on without official action or even a mention.  Why is Mr. Jones allowing Ms. Brown to continue interfering in his and Yvonne’s jobs?  Her behavior is a violation of the Town Charter and should be investigated and reprimanded.  (Retaliation in its finest against Brown.  With Mayor Miller it’s both get mad and get even.  We have been there.  But really if Mayor Miller wasn’t at Town Hall advising Tommie Jones daily, he would not have made it this far.  But of course, with Mayor Miller, it is not interference.)

Ms. Brown’s NO votes on motions to get the previous town attorney to ask for an Attorney General’s opinion on the legal use of Local Option Fuel Taxes are also examples of malfeasance and nonfeasance.  By going along with the previous town manager’s violations of State law about how the LOFT money was being spent, Ms. Brown caused harm to the Town and all Citizens.  The harm is the misuse of public money on inappropriate salaries, trips for employees, legal expenses that had nothing to do with roads and streets and payments to citizens for work that should have been done by town employees.   When the town pays employees full-time, the employees should be working full-time.  Why is there no accounting for these violations that we all have to pay for?  Is the town council investigating these illegal expenditures?  When are we going to hear a report on all the mismanagement of town money that Ms. Brown supported?  Did she personally benefit from financial mismanagement?


You have the authority to conduct investigations into all parts of town government.  Why have you not investigated Council Member Brown and the consequences of her incompetence, malfeasance, and nonfeasance on the reputation of the town and the financial health of the town.


So we are getting rid of people one by one, but I must say, why is it that the Council has not turned in Pam Tomlinson’s embezzlement regarding the Hutcherson funds?  I can guarantee it sounds like Pam did that on her own, rather than our previous Town Manager.  Then I question why there was reimbursement of medical insurance.  Are we paying deductibles and co-pays on behalf of the employees?  If so that also is embezzlement and does not go in accordance with what was acceptable and within our personnel manual.

Tonja was only one of the gang of three, but there must be another replacement if she is kicked off the council, which is what everyone is trying to do.

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