The RHATT Pack Watch – Day 668

Today is Sunday, February 23rd, Day 668 of the RHATT Pack Watch.


Since the Red-Face Ratt left official involvement with White Springs Town governance, he’s spent his days crying about his loss and trying to come up with a plan to return to power.  And, he and his “Gang of Thugs” including members Sell-Out Willie, Mindless “Splain it to Me” Tanja, the illegal alien “Mini-Me Despot” Lofty, the “Scammer in Chief” Lapdog Tebow, Wannabe “Side Show Man” Nateal, his two incompetent flunkies Cousin Pam “The Scam Artist” and Cousin Evonne, and of course Sister Ratt “The Pedophile Enabler” want to control everything so they can STEAL all of White Springs’ precious funds.  Today the RHATT Pack Watch is going to explore how the Red-Face Ratt has been thwarted and his plans to overcome this hurtle to him controlling White Springs.


This week, the Red-Face Ratt suffered another setback in his plan to retake control of White Springs.  The Ratt’s Chief Ballot Box Stuffer, Cousin Pam, resigned.  According to sources familiar with the situation, Cousin Pam waltzed into Town Hall this week, after several months of feigned sick leave, orchestrated by the Ratt and Lapdog Tebow.  Since many changes had occurred during those months within the Town’s administrative functions while Cousin Pam was busy, gallivanting around the countryside, she stepped into an unknown situation.  So when Cousin Pam returned to work, she was assigned only duties that had nothing to do with finance or accounting.  Naturally, this made the Ratt nervous.  Could this mean that Cousin Pam had no access to the Ballot Box?   Could this mean Cousin Pam had no access to the White Springs’ bank accounts, including those which had been hidden and known only to Cousin Pam and the Ratt?


Hence, it didn’t take too long for the Ratt to acknowledge the gravity of the situation.  Things had changed in Town Hall and for the Ratt and his plans, these were not good changes.  The Ratt realized immediately that Cousin Pam couldn’t take the Ballot box to her home where he and his Gang of Thugs could alter votes and add new ones.  And then it dawned on the Ratt that Cousin Pam was no longer in a position to loot the Town’s treasury for him.  Gut then he thought, when I get my two Cousins, Henrietta and Scott elected to the Town Council, I can restore Cousin Pam to her Ballot Box Stuffing and Looting position.  Then, just as he was about to convey his orders to the Cousins, it got worse.  After a couple of hours of heavy smoking and pouting, Cousin Pam drafted a Letter of Resignation and tendered it to the Town Manager.  Upon learning of this development, the Ratt was devastated.


The Ratt had worked so hard to take over the Town, but everything was coming apart.  First, Councilwoman Miller, who he had removed with his and his Lapdog’s phooey balony charges and his Kangaroo Court was reelected and devoted amoral supporter Sellout Willie lost his seat.  Then Councilman Moore was elected, thus altering his control of the Town Council.  Then his anointed amoral Mayor Lofty was dumped.  The handwriting was on the wall.  White Springs was returning to a Town serving its citizens, not looting them.   Soon, his suck-up Lapdog turned in her resignation.  Then the illegal alien Lofty was caught living outside of White Springs and forced to resign.  And now is longest and most devoted Ballot Box Stuffer and Treasury Looter was out.


However, around White Springs, there was a much different reaction.  Wa La! No more Cousin Pam.  No more stuffing the Ballot Boxes to get the Ratt or one of his Cousins elected to the White Springs Town Council.  No more looting of White Springs’ precious financial resources   And, No more of the Ratt family’s self-aggrandizement at the expense of deserving citizens.  And everyone knows, this isn’t the end of the Ratt.


The Ratt’s still up to his illicit activities and dirty tricks.  He still wants to overthrow the up and coming election.  The White Springs’ Police should have done something about the Ratt infestation a long time ago, but they have dropped the ball.   However, we know the FDLE and FBI are well aware of what the Ratt, and Cousins Tebow and Pam have done.  White Springs’ forensic accountant is uncovering and piling up monds of evidence.  The Ratt knows it’s only a matter of time before he and his Gang of Thugs get fitted with their bracelets.


It’s Day 668 and the Red-Face Ratt hasn’t changed or gone away.  The RHATT Pack Watch will continue!

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  1. What the Ratt Watch fails to mention is that this administration if no better and in some cases worse that the Rhatt administration. We still have corruption, special strokes for special folks, including Tommie Jerome Jones who has no skills as an administrator, is a convicted felon (three times) and won’t even fill out a town employment application for fear that he will be caught in a lie. Helen and now her chief sidekicks Anita Rivers and go along to get along Walter McKenzie have abandoned the law completely. There is no longer any hint of following the law much less what we have done before, presendence. Every event is handled differently than the preceding event even though both evens were exactly the same, see Citizen Complaints.

    Helen is trying to become the head person in town in a different manner than the Ratt. Where the Ratt just got Pam and Stacy to do his bidding (all without paperwork) of his illegal activities Helen is just trying to avoid the Charter all together and become the STRONG Mayor she has always dreamed of. And she has her “Gang of Three” just like the Ratt had. Now it is Anita, Walter and Helen herself. The players have changed but the results are the same.

    Elections are coming up and who knows what will happen. Can Helen hold onto her own seat on the Council or Walter’s seat? The chief antagonist is going to put lots of money into making sure that Helen (8 years on the Council (six as Mayor) and Walter (18 years on the Council) don’t get reelected. These two have HELPED run the Town into the Poor House by not speaking up. As Walter said “We didn’t know.” How come Walter and Helen and now Anita. We’ve know that the Ratt was corrupt as hell but where are the letters to FDLE or the Attorney General. Not to be found. We know Pam stole funds for Ratt and Kenny but where is the outrage? It too is not to be found and the new “BOY”, just tell me what to do, Tommie is no better than Stacy with the exception that Stacy stayed silent and Tommie follows Helen around like the Lap Dog. “Just Keep Paying Me both Stacy and Tommie say.

    Until we get some members of the Council that want to put the town first, not their egos or desires, we will never be a lawful town. See my Prior Article “A thought for the Council” to see how I really feel.

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