There will be no Azalea Festival, no Word on May Day and other items for the March Meeting

Tom Moore was going to assist the Wild Azalea Festival committee, but no one has heard anything except for some financial numbers where the Committee needs over $2,000 which does not include the cost on porta potties.  Yet the latter would not be needed if the Festival was moved to the eco center.   Rhonda Johnson and Nicole Williams are on the committee but said our Admin did not contact them as to when the meeting was on February 20th.  The next meeting is to be on Thursday February 27th with one which was on the 20th and there was no information except for the estimated costs. Councilman McKenzie has no confidence in the Committee.  The Committee even stated that they needed a sound system when the Town already has one.  No Miracle has happened and one of the members stated the other committee members apparently have the brains of a gnat. .

Although a vote could not be taken at the Workshop, it was agreed among the three council members that we will skip the festival and like Mayor Miler stated happens in Sports, this will be our “rebuilding year”.

There have been no Notices to the Public by any of the committees as to when the meetings will be held which is against the sunshine laws, per Mr. Brazil and the notices and lack therein has been something Joe has been fighting for years.

Darlene Tomlinson Lister and Scott Gay are on the Planning and Zoning committee.

In the March Council Meeting, the council will vote to not go forward and call this year a “Rebuilding Year”.  Furthermore all committee members on the Special Events Committee will be dissolved and we will start over again.

For those of you who had not heard, as I had not, since Ms. Tebo no longer is control, our Recreation Department is allowed to sell items at the Concession Stand at the ballfield. Ms. Williams stated that the Recreation Committee has started having meetings again and that meetings are necessary with Council Members; However, the last meeting notice was not posted until after the meeting was held.

The Council has received no information on the May Day event.

Mr. Jones had a meeting with Mike Williams, the Department of Environmental Protection and Nutrient relative to the Town creating a pond of our own so that it is not combined with Nutrients.  It will cost us approximately $200,000 and paperwork was provided to the council members and will be discussed at the next March Meeting.

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  1. No Azalea Festival? This is what comes of no leadership and no direction on the part of Town Officials. This is just the first of “used to bes” don’t count any more. Now Mr. Brazil, before you go spouting your drivel about the Griffin’s not being involved, we tried to get on any committee we wanted but the Council said NO WAY. This is just the first of what will come to be White Springs new slogan “used to bes don’t happen any more>” The difference in White Springs and the Cub Scouts is the Cub Scouts have ADULT leadership, no just a group of people who are not really, and this includes the Council members like Walter and Helen.

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