Naming a Street, LOFT and Discolored Water

At the next Council Meeting in March, a vote will be taken for a memorial designation of  Kenny Hutcherson Way (?) as a secondary name to Suwannee Street. Mr. Jones stated it is just a matter of filling out a form.

Now since we are designating our Local Option Fuel Taxes for its intended “Transportation” purposes, Mr. Jones was asked to make up a form of 1-5 points, listing such things as potholes, cracks.  Five (5) would mean extensive repairs are needed and many of us feel that Bridge Street going to Town Hall needs the most work, but Sunrise also has terrible potholes and needs repair.  The Public Works Department will be accomplishing the ratings.

Since many people in the town are wondering how Mr. Whitehead’s forensic analysis is going, Mr Jones has been asked to provide a summary of what has been done so far. As stated before, there is much more to be done in the thorough analysis of the past with much more data to review.  The Town needs to set priorities and accommodate the situation.  Mayor Miller also explained that there also are many streets which need additional lighting and in some areas there is no lighting.

Discolored Drinking water has been discussed by the Council.  Mr. Jones stated there is no e-coli in our drinking water. The problem is that we have surprise flushes of the hydrants.  Supposedly, the Town is notifying Carol Stob so she can notify the public who use Bud’s Suds.  But many have no idea when the water will be flushed and their white clothes become dingy from the discolored Water.  Councilman Walter McKenzie stated his socks are rustoleum in color.   Citizens need information on when the water will be flushed so it can be placed on their calendars.  Yvonne Bryant, our Admin has a calendar of when Curtis Johnson performs the hydrant flushes.  Councilwoman Rivers stated since she is on the end of the line, Mr. Johnson will run the water for only two minutes, which does not help.  Mr. Jones will discuss the matter with Ms. Bryant who has the calendar of when the flushes are to be done and those dates then will be placed in the water bill and on the website as notification, so further laundry will not be ruined.



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