As such I can predict what the town council is going to do in the future. If I am wrong I will apologize to all concerned. But if I don’t write my beliefs they are sure to happen.

Here is my supposition. Yvonne Bryant is out of job. Helen Walter and Anita Rivers will co-join in the effort to put Ms. Rivers back in the position of Town Administrative aide and add to it Town Clerk. If Ms. Rivers wins a seat on her own at the April election she will immediately resign her “won” seat and Yvonne will be history and Rivers will become Town Clerk.

If you look at the new position description for the Town Clerk position it is written so that Yvonne won’t qualify. Anita Rivers will be a shoe in. Look for the speed at which Tommie fills the Town Clerk position. He will drag his feet up until the election so that then Helen can appoint another sycophant to fill the seat for two years. OR this change will come soon with Anita appointed temporary clerk while the sham of a position search happens, if they (the Council) have one at all. Tommie can appoint a new Clerk at his whim and his whim will do it, no search, no job qualifications. Empty Council seat 45 days prior to an election. Not hard to predict at all.

The only reason that I think it will take place after the election is so that Anita’s sham of appointment to the town council was to get Stacy out of the manager’s position and the only thing that waiting will accomplish is that the election might not go the cabal’s way and they might get someone they don’t like, me for instance. That’s why I think the event will happen immediately after the election assuming Helen doesn’t already have a shill to run for the spot on the Council.

I have predicted a lot of Council and Mayor moves in my 21 years but this I am sure of. Yvonne is out, Anita gets a new job and makes more money. It is a plain as the nose on Tommie’s Pinocchio’s face, a big nose that is growing with each lie that he tells. 21 years and a pretty good student of study and I will bet its true.

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