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Since the Town of White Springs is required to advertise for the “Town Manager” position, a draft has been made related to the Town Managers duties, responsibilities, knowledge, education and physical abilities, which will be voted on at the March Meeting.

In reading over the information, you will note that this position fits Tommie Jerome Jones perfectly.  EXCEPT, should the council hire Mr. Jones, IT IS NECESSARY THAT THEY NO LONGER LIST HIM AS A CONSULTANT, BUT RATHER MAKE HIM A TOWN MANAGER EMPLOYEE, BECAUSE TOWN MANAGERS ARE NOT CONSULTANTS.  Our Attorney needs to be honest with the council on this matter and like prior managers, Mr. Jones needs to complete an application, have a background check of his prior employment, and a drug test AND STOP BELIEVING EVERYONE ASKING FOR THESE THINGS ARE “RACISTS” AND START A VENDETTA AGAINST THEM.

Right now, Mr. Jones is the perfect fit for this council, which has never had anyone actually work with them.  Other Town Managers in accordance with our Charter were to be the CEO’s as in other Municipalities who have the weak mayor/Town Manager form of government.  In our Town and with our reputation in White Springs, we will not be able, in my opinion, to secure an individual in the manner in which the requirements now have been set, nor could we afford such a manager, other than Mr. Jones.

The good thing is Mr. Jones lives here and thus has an investment in the Town.  Mayor Miller has invested in him a considerable amount of time and effort and obviously, it is working out for the current council.  Small Towns do not have the cash to hire the perfect Manager, and especially White Springs when our funds have been depleted.  Yet, as Joe and I have stated, “Follow the Law”, don’t put our Town in trouble with the IRS again, and make Mr. Jones an Employee which is what he should be if he is deemed a Town Manager.  Our complaints about what he cannot do as a consultant were in accordance with laws and not pie in the sky.  Quit playing games, council and give Jones the benefits you have given other councilors because as a consultant, he technically does not have any protection against suits, has to retain his own insurance, etc.  This applies even if we go to a “strong mayor” form of government and he then is an “Administrator”.  


At the workshop, Councilman McKenzie had a problem with the word “polarizing”is to force a something or someone to go in only one direction, or to cause people to divide into two very distinct groups.  It is a perfect word for White Springs which is extremely divided, but words such as “Challenging and unpredictable may be considered.  If one is a Town Manager it is Polarizing and also Challenging and unpredictable and everyone understands that who has been in the position or is seeking it out.



Chief Administrative Officer of the Town.  Appointed by the Town Council by a majority vote.  Expected to keep all Council Members informed of all administrative issues as they arise, are evaluated and resolved.  The Manager will work in a polarizing environment which is challenging and at times, highly unpredictable.  Perform duties in collaboration with the Council.  Responsible for a wide-range of administrative affairs including organizational behavior, human resources, and the strategic planning and implementation of information technology disciplines.  Must have proven documented experience in project or program administration and management.  Must oversee and implement sustainable measures to maintain the Town’s essential services including water distribution, wastewater collection, treatment and solid waste disposal.  Required to direct the streets and roads division, a volunteer fire department, a police department, participate in local and regional planning and zoning conferences, support and facilitate economic development strategies and provide standard and custom monthly reports to the Council on all facets of Town operations.  Must have State and Federal grant administration and management experience, including submitting Requests for Funding (RFF) through Florida’s Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) SERA reporting system.  The manager must also work together regularly and effectively with the citizens of the Town.

The manager is appointed to serve at the pleasure of the Town Council, an appointment which may include a mutual agreement between the Manager and the Council deemed to be of value and advantageous to both parties with a focus on organizational stability.

The Town Manager receives supportive directives from the Council on the Town’s short and long term sustainable goals steered through the position of the Mayor.  The Manager is chartered to administer all Town departments with the support of ancillary staff.


 Works with the Council to determine and administer the Town’s Committees and to assign tasks and attainable objectives to each Committee Chair; Currently, the Town has the following volunteer Boards and committees.

Board of Adjustment, Comprehensive Land Use Plan Committee, Economic Development, Parks and Recreation, Planning and Zoning Board and Special events.


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