February 20, 2020

This is a complaint that one Tommie Jerome Jones did in fact, using the power delegated to him by the Town Council, did modify a Town Form to benefit himself only. He deleted that portion of the Town Employment Application removing the section which requires disclosure of Misdemeanor, First Degree, convictions. He is the only person who could benefit from such a change.

According to the Dade County Clerk of the Court Tommie Jerome Jones has at least two convictions for First Degree Misdemeanor violations. If the truth comes out about his convictions from felonies and two or more first degree misdemeanor convictions it wouldn’t look good on his application. So he changed, obviously with Mayor Miller and Vice Mayor McKenzie and golden girl Anita Rivers approval, if not Attorney Logan’s blessings the form contrary to MUST DISCLOSE BY STATE LAW information on convictions.

I suggest you take whatever steps you consider appropriate for attempting to keep MUST DISCLOSE information from the public. Left to his own devices Tommie Jerome Jones will fail to disclose his entire Criminal Record. Who knows what ever else this Consultant has changed to benefit himself. Unless he already knows a person with First Degree Misdemeanor convictions who is going to apply for the Town Manager position he is aiding himself with the help of three council members and possibly the town attorney.
Joe E. Griffin

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