Festival or no festival, that is the question

Tourist Development Council (TDC) helps to supplement budgets for special events such as festivals.  The Wild Azalea Festival is going on its 20th year. But it is not certain we are making any money at a cost to the Town of $3,000-4,000 an event.   Since the Town doesn’t have the money to pay the 25% matching funds for the TDC Grant, we may not be able to have anything more than the Taste of White Springs.

There are concerns about our Special events Committee which has not met, has not provided the council any information as to committees and events and we only have five weeks until the date of the Wild Azalea Festival.  Mayor Miller stated it is not Prudent to offer funds if we don’t know what is being done.

Ms. Johnson stressed how much the vendors disliked the ballfield area.

There was statements of the great events we had years gone by consisting of a Music Festival, Highway Men Painters, Birds of Prey, the Ms. Azalea Contest and the like.

The White Springs Volunteer Firemen will have their pancake breakfast on Saturday at Nellie Blyes in the park.

For the Volunteer firemen:  Please give the White Springs Journal notice of any and all events the Firemen will be having so it may be posted for all to see.  You can add notices in the form of a comment or send the information either on facebook to Joe or Karin Griffin of email Joe at godforjoe@gmail.com.   Of course you may e-mail me as well  kashafly@gmail.com  we did not know of your last event at the Adams Store.  Congratulations on making $900.


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  1. Well it is starting to sound like toe Special Events Committee needs some restructuring. I wish some of the petty people could put aside their dislikes, egos, and personal vendettas and do what is best for White Springs for a change would sure be refreshing.

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