Jones is doing a great job and Bev Brazil has been working closely with him to assist in anyway she can

Although we have been critical of Tommie Jones relating to what we considered lies and accusations which were not valid, we are seeing where he is the perfect manager for this White Springs Council. In fact, it was surprising, when Code Enforcement was mentioned and he admitted he saw the County’s August invitation letter addressed to Stacy Tebo but at the time, he was overwhelmed. That is something I can understand since he has not been involved with White Springs politics and what has been discussed prior to his acceptance of the interim manager position. In any event the Town of White Springs apparently did not snub the County, only Stacy Tebo and as a result Mr. Jones was asked by the council to contact Louie Goodin to see what could be done to include White Springs.

The aforementioned statement of his being overwhelmed showed the honesty we believed he had when we first met and we are happy that the Council finally has found someone that will do what they ask and require.

As a result the meeting was pleasant and everyone was in a better mood.

We have much to be grateful for in that Bev Brazil (Mrs. Thomas Brazil) has been at Town Hall each and every morning, even before our Manager Arrived, for the days she signed up to volunteer. Mr. Jones stated that she will ask what he needs and will assist him in whatever he may require. Because of her assistance, talents and abilities, we believe our Town Manager is in a better position as are those of us in White Springs. When you see her, please Thank her for her dedicated service to White Springs.

I was very impressed to hear that our Town Manager also included financials with the monthly packet for the council members. Stacy Tebo never did that and Tommie Jones provided them in his first or it could be his second month in office which is phenomenal and something which is required under the charter. The Financials showed from my understanding the exact amount of money the Town had and its payables so thank you Jones and Brazil for all of your hard work

It may be mentioned that Bev Brazil also was the acting Town Clerk at the meeting taking notes and recording the meeting.

In spite of our personal disagreements I find Anita Rivers joining the Tom Moore ranks of being A most exemplary Council Member giving us two which we have not had in decades.

Tom Moore is extremely astute and has done much to improve the conditions and our community of White Springs. He takes the time to assure he has all the facts before making decisions and will assist any and all people who require his help.

Anita Rivers is a very intelligent young lady and what we can glean from her is her experience of having worked in Town Hall and her knowledge and logic of how things should be done.

You all have done good as Joe would say. The Council finally made a spectacular turning point in bringing our long overdue fire department back. Let’s keep it going and also watching the purse since our reserves are non-existent.

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  1. We’re waiting for the material from the Clerk of the Court’s office in Dade County/ Miami to tell us how many indiscretions Tommie had as a young lad and how is he going to fill out an employment application if there is more than one felony or 1st degree misdemeanor on his “rap sheet”. AS you will remember not two months ago when I brought his criminal record to the sunshine Tommie said he only had ONE conviction for a felony or first degree misdemeanor. We’ll see sometime this week whether he can be trusted to tell the truth. Until then I am reserving my judgement if he can be trusted or not.
    He’s working hard but so did Stacy when she first got here. Yet the Council didn’t do anything but praise her and give her extensions of her contract even though she wasn’t doing her job and “left the place” in a mess. More on this later when I get the Clerk of the Court’s information. I love Florida Statute 119, Florida’s Public Records Law. It keeps everyone honest which Tommie in his early days wasn’t so honest. I think he is overwhelmed by all of this hitting him at once but he wanted the job, time he fessed up to that simple truth. By the way, I don’t like being called a RACIST by anyone; especially someone who trots out the race card on a moments notice.
    No more bullshit about public records needing to wait until Pam gets back. Less than a week for five sheets of paper, including his job application is my new benchmark.


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