Come Early and Enjoy the SWAP Meet on December 14th

The Swap Meet for the month of December will be held on Saturday December 14, 2019 at the Suwannee Hardware location just off Highway 41 and 1st Street. Come early and enjoy.

When I first moved to White Springs, I looked so forward to the Suwannee Hardware Swap Meet where so many attended to look for special wares to purchase. With the many who attended and it was like a monthly Meet your Neighbor day. It seemed as though the Town had a better camaraderie and there was no separation of groups. There was always someone providing a food stand and only a block away from Fat Belly’s if you wished a meal.

Then five years ago, without warning, the Town Manager during the Wild Azalea festival decided to charge the Swap Meet Vendors each $30.00, some of which during the Swap Meet were lucky to earn $30.00. That caused the Vendors to not return and now we are so pleased that the vendors are coming back as are the people and that Suwannee Hardware is the place to be one Day each month.

We are happy that our Council came to their senses and allowed the Swap Meet to begin again and we hope they will not scare our vendors away this time with fees which are unnecessary.

Karin Griffin

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