Per your editorial about people not being allowed to speak at public meetings the Government in the Sunshine Manual and the Supreme Court has said: “It is the how and the why officials decided to so act which interests the public, not merely
the final decision. As the court recognized in Times Publishing Company v. Williams, 222 So.2d 470, 473 (Fla. 2d DCA 1969), disapproved in part on other grounds, Neu v. Miami Herald Publishing Company, 462 So. 2d 821 (Fla. 1985):
Every thought, as well as every affirmative act, of a public official
as it relates to and is within the scope of his offi cial duties, is a
matter of public concern; and it is the entire decision-making
process that the legislature intended to affect by the enactment of
the statute before us.

White Springs is wrestling with the same dilemma. What is so wrong with people speaking their mind?

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