White Springs runs on emotion and the officials will never perform their duties to the benefit of the citizens

What I have realized is that our Town Officials on the whole operate only from their emotions.  None operate without emotion and they do not wish to base their decisions on raw facts.  They despise those who bring up these facts because they do not wish to hear the truth.


What is realized is that if the Mayor does not bring forward information, even it’s based on facts, the council blindly works through their rose colored glasses and somehow believes they are doing great things for the Town of White Springs and we better acknowledge their greatness.  Are your council positions so important that it is the preceding factor to any of your decisions?


Who cares if you had a listing of individuals on a  WSFD roster who are 30 minutes away or more from White Springs; Who Cares that a summary was made from the Sheriff’s call reports on the WSFD who did not respond but expects money from the County?;  Who cares if Chief Stith continually fabricates and states the WSFD made 10 calls in the month of May when it actually was the EMS.  Who cares if the only ones responding are the WSPD and the EMT’s for Hamilton County?  What is it?  Are you so political that you cannot see the forest through the trees. Councilors?  Oh, but I forgot.  You cannot hurt anyone’s feelings by bringing up facts to the contrary of what is being told.  After all, you work for the administration and NOT FOR THE CITIZENS AND RESIDENTS OF WHITE SPRINGS.  Right?


And then there is the Town Manager not handling her duties and responsibilities, which at least the Mayor brings up occasionally.  What on earth do you councilors think you are doing?  You are costing the people of the Town thousands and thousands of dollars for what?  Not following your fiduciary duties?  Tebo should have been suspended and terminated from her job as Town Manager for not following her duties.  But alas, the Council does not wish to bring up anything contrary because they don’t wish to admit they were wrong in hiring  Ms. Tebo and the council never fails.  Right?


You look at the Law as if it is a dirty word and even the Town Attorney keeps bringing up the fact that everything is an “Opinion” by the Attorney General but does not realize that the Sunshine Laws are the Laws of the State of Florida, from which court cases have been reviewed and as such are made into law.  These laws were made to provide Transparency and governess but even last night when the Mayor briefly discussed Ms. Estes and the North Star Planning Group and others, was it brought up to the public or brought forth to the council for review?  Nada.  No Transparency here and it is obvious Ms. Estes did not do anything memorable for the  City of DeBary.


I can see why there is so much frustration.  People cannot and should not operate on emotions.  You might say such things as She is so nice, he is so helpful, they are such hard workers even if the rest of us don’t see it, but where is the transparency and where is the decision making capabilities based upon factual information?  What has really been accomplished?  Is the town in a better place as compared to four years prior?  I don’t think so..   And our Vice Mayor is acting like he is the top dog when he has no more rights than the Mayor or other Councilors.  Right now he is part of the Gang and if the Mayor doesn’t realize it, she has blinders on and as a result I do not see her fighting for what is right for White Springs especially with respect to the Fire Department.  I realize she is alone, but nevertheless needs to take a stand based on facts.


If you councilors would be astute in your dealings, you would realize the multiple complaints which include facts should be considered not just laughed at.  But you do not want to hire another Manager because Tebo is at your level, an emotional person.  Don’t you realize that White Springs has a Star in Town, one who will hopefully take over the Economic Development Committee?  His name is Tommie Jones and the Council should consider someone like him to take the Town forward and get rid of Stacy Tebo who makes alot of money and does very little in the eyes of everyone else but is quick to fire intelligent people.


Tommie Jones is an intellectual with an obvious high IQ. It also doesn’t hurt that when he smiles he looks like Denzil Washington.  In fact most intellectuals have to downplay what they know because others become envious of them and cause problems because even some bosses are afraid of retaining or hiring intellectuals .  And that is the council as the whole.


Not only has Mr. Jones had 17 years of working with water and wastewater, when the revitalization starts, a person like Jones would be able to see what was being done and understand or comment if something does not fit the right plan.  Not only that, he does not operate from emotion and is astute and is very close to receiving his MPA and from what I have seen he could easily manage this town, by being the best Town Manager we could ever have as well as being the Sewer-Water Operator, because he is that good.  And why not hire someone who has a financial interest in White Springs.  He lives here with his lovely wife who is a Nurse.  Get rid of the dead weight and that means Ms. Tebo.  She has done nothing for this town.


But, I forget,  you wonderful councilors need your political positions.  And now I understand fully why most of the Democrats hate Donald Trump.  Trump does not operate on emotions;he operates on facts and accomplishments and wants to make the country as great as it can be.  We, the Griffins, would like for White Springs to be the greates town it ever could be, but our Town Council will do nothing to get to that point and from what I understand, this has been the story for the last 20 years.  And what has it brought to White Springs.  Not a heck of a lot, has it?  You won’t even listen to the former firefighters who have an investment in White Springs but keep a group of individuals with a Chief who will never fight a fire in White Springs or is there the intent to do so.


Well you just keep hiding from the facts and White Springs will never amount to anything.  You bend the rules to fit whatever you need and that includes code enforcement “the people cannot afford doing something to fix their buildings, so we just have to let the vacant buildings crumble”,  And although Ms. Shonda Werts had an emotional breakdown, crying as she left the meeting,  about my comment of a food pantry operating for one hour (Tuesdays from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm) and one day a week, what food bank makes a person come at a specific time and if they cannot make it in that hour and on that day, what good is it?


Well I understand the Councilors have used the food pantry which also has clothing per Ms. Tonja Brown and some have donated food and clothing.  I remember that the comment made by the Mayor previously stated that Bebish Inc. was to provide food and not clothing per the contract.  Well Councilor Tonja Brown who is getting paid by the State for caring for wards of the state had to use the Pantry for some clothing for the children and made a comment the children don’t eat the same foods Tonja eats.  Well, Ms. Brown, that is the reason you receive a pay check from the State monthly and that is to provide food clothing and shelter for the children in your care.  The money is certainly not just for your use.  But Oh, the Pantry helps so many people; the truck at the church needs to be fixed so the church can’t provide and yes, Ms. Werts provides her own water system and she pays for the electricity to Duke Energy from her own money, she states.


I volunteered for Interfaith  in Ocala.  That is a food pantry including clothing and other essentials and it is run essentially seven days a week.  All food pantries are part of the State internet system and names and other pertinent information is kept.  That is why people receive food stamps if they do not sell the food stamps to pay their water bill or to buy drugs.  No, I do not run on emotions.  If this country would be run on emotions, we would turn into a third world country.  Someone needs to be an adult and thank God we have some very intelligent people in this town, but unfortunately they are not in the Administratin of White Springs policies and Staff.  They would be too frustrated as Joe and I and most of the firefighters are today.


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