It is time that we cut our Ties with Tebo but it will need all the citizens’ input to reason with Lofton and Brown OR SUE TEBO PERSONALLY FOR BREACH OF CONTRACT AND BREACH OF FIDUCIARY DUTY


  • With all the time off Stacy Tebo takes off for her personal reasons such as Mondays and Fridays, it is obvious the Town Council needs to hire someone who can handle two positions like Townsend. Stacy Tebo has shown that the position in our small Town of White Springs is only a part time position and that we do not need someone full time who is paid $58,000 a year and who sits in her office doing nothing and not meeting or greeting clients.


  • Tebo is not interested in the Citizens of White Springs and will not interact or communicate with any who seek to speak with her. She has not provided employees with further education or opportunities and her only means of supervision is through e-mails alone.



  • Tebo has taken our Town down to a worse cash position than any manager prior. She allows Pam Tomlinson to do as Tomlinson wishes and Tomlinson does not have the education or ability to follow Accounting Principles, much less handling specific accounts for disaster relief, Grants, LOFT funds or even general accounts.  And Ms. Tebo does not have the abilities and possibly the financial acumen to supervise or assist staff to do what is right.


  • Our Town Charter States that “If at any time during the fiscal year, it appears to the Town Manager that revenues appropriated will be insufficient, he or she shall report to the Council without delay indicating the estimated amount of the deficit. The Town Manager shall suggest remedial action to be taken and recommend to the Town Council such other steps needed to reduce the deficit.”  Ms. Tebo has never provided such information to our Council and if it had not been for our CPA we would not have known that our financial situation is not liquid and that there is no policy or commitment or ability to run the Town as a Town Manager.


  • Tebo does not provide budget information in the way of income and expenses on a monthly basis to the Town Council. Initially she stated and it was agreed upon by Rhett Bullard that she did not have to provide payables.  Yet, the Charter requires that she provide the Council with financial information at each monthly meeting.  How is the Council supposed to know if there is a budget problem; if our cash flow has been depleted and where the money will be replaced in the future so we are on line with the annual budget?



  • Tebo usurps her power to hire and fire without telling the Council that there is a staff’ vacancy, or that someone is removed and that someone needs to be hired for a specific position. In fact, it is rare that jobs are advertised so that locals can apply.  Instead she allows Staff such as Ray Vaughn to choose someone and Ms. Tebo then hires the person and the Council is not apprised as to what the individual is paid and what benefits are provided.


  • Tebo usurps her power as the purchasing agent. The Council has no idea whether Ms. Tebo is even making an attempt on saving money for office supplies.  More importantly, unlike other small Towns, Ms. Tebo believes that all equipment and vehicles have to be New and thus the Town is stuck with loan payments for an Excavator with over $30,000 remaining to be paid, a New Pickup just under $25,000 and now we are purchasing a new pre-used fire engine for which the payments will be anywhere between $11,899 to $16,476.



  • Tebo usurps her power to provide special benefits to some staff members who are favored by Rhett Bullard and provides no opportunities for those of whom she treats as grunts with no opportunities for betterment and moving up the ladder into a better position. It seems as those she favors are “White” and the opportunities not given relate to those people who are “Black”.  In my opinion, it is highly discriminatory.


  • Tebo usurps her power by having certain council members vote for such equipment items as an excavator and trailer of approximately $60,000 which was not necessary and such equipment could have been leased as required for far less cost and which did not fall under the definition of Transportation relating to Local Option Fuel Tax or LOFT.



  • Although our Backhoe has not been used much over 50 hours and is paid for, she has listened to Ray Vaughn and has retained it. We, as a non-contractor, do not need both an excavator and a backhoe.


  • Tebo usurped her power by making false charges against Mayor Miller, along with her Gang of Three, Bullard, Brown and Jefferson, because she “did not like Miller” as was stated in the deposition.


  • Tebo should never have been paid the almost $9,000 for an attorney of her choice to defend her actions of libel and slander against Mayor Miller, except for Bullard, Brown and Jefferson deciding that they no longer wished Miller on the council. The advice of then Town Attorney Koberlein was not adhered to and we the Citizens had to pay for such defense which had never been heard of in the history of Florida.


  • Tebo usurped her power to remove Kevin Pittman as our Fire Chief by making false accusations about his background and bringing in Steve Stith who by no means had the background or the passion of a firefighter but who could retain Andrew Greene as the assistant Fire Chief.


  • Tebo is the reason White Springs has not had a fire department for the last eighteen months. The manner in which she treated former Chief Pittman caused the numerous firefighter I and firefighter II volunteers to likewise give notice.


  • Tebo certainly has known that the Town of White Springs is not in compliance by providing its Citizens with Fire Protection, yet, she argues to Mayor Miller that she is in charge. It is proof that we lost the best firefighters White Springs has had to instead bring back Chief Stith so that Andrew Greene could be paid and remain as Assistant Fire Chief, knowing none of the previous firefighters feel that Chief Stith is a valid leader, does not have credentials which comply with firefighter I and II requirements, is not an instructor, does not have drills, and who has no intention of fighting fires or answering calls.  If Ms Tebo would have retained our fire department under Chief Pittman there would have been an opportunity to earn $30,000 from Hamilton County and not just be given $10,000 a year.


  • Ms Tebo usurped her power and did not advise the Town Council for a policy decision relating to Kenny Hutcherson.  Instead Ms. Tebo with the assistance of Pam Tomlinson used leave as the reason for paying Kenny Hutcherson for over two years when he was unable to perform his duties.  It is estimated that $150,000 had been paid plus medical benefits when Mr. Hutcherson previously was paid almost $28,000 for unused leave and Ms. Tebo did not comply with our personnel manual nor Federal Laws by allowing payment for each leave of 30 days per year.  Hutcherson should have been placed under Social security Disability and Medicare and the 60 days would have given him the time in which to receive those benefits.  Instead, we the people, incurred the financial burden as well as not having replacement staff to handle Hutcherson’s duties.


  • The Town Charter States Ms. Tebo “ Make such other reports as the Town Council may require concerning the operation of Town departments, offices, and agencies, subject to the Town Manager’s direction and supervision “ The Town Council has never been apprised of changes in Town Operations, nor has Ms. Tebo ever corrected Job descriptions or explained that specifics were not followed in the Personnel manual and the council has had no idea because of a lack of communications, as to what changes are being made to Staff and Why.


  • Tebo usurped her power when she decided on her own not to seek a new Enterprise worker from the applicants but instead has taken another staff member who is called “Street and Roads” or Public Utilities” to handle the Sewer Water operations even though those certifications will not qualify him for purer water quality. The Council should have been apprised of these changes especially when this job, unlike others, happened to NOT have been advertised.


  • Tebo committed wire fraud as well as falsifying records and signatures on such time sheets for Mr. Hutcherson.


  • Tebo would not supervise employees such as Andrew Greene or Pam Tomlinson and allowed them as well as others to discriminate against Anita Rivers. And instead of Ms. Tebo working out such problems with her staff, an attorney Larkin was hired to prove Ms. Tebo was not discriminator in her actions against Ms. Rivers even though some of her comments were “shaky” in the least, and we, the Citizens of White Springs paid for the attorney costs in excess of $26,000.  The Charter States and Ms. Rivers Complied: All appeals or grievances must be in written form. Employees may request assistance from the Town Manager’s Office regarding grievance procedures and this guidance may be provided during the employee’s regular working time with no loss of pay.  Thus, this never should have gone as far as hiring an attorney WITHOUT COUNCIL APPROVAL.  And because of Ms. River’s complaint, Ms. Tebo retaliated and terminated River’s employment.


  • Tebo admitted in a deposition that she uses “Percoset”, an opioid drug, which we believe not to have been prescribed by a physician after reading her depositions with the City of DeBary wherein she did not give accurate information about the doctors who she saw and in which she listed multiple other drugs for Rheumatoid Arthritis, which she contends she has had. In our Town’s depositions she contended using opioides for years and because of opioid addiction, no doctor would prescribe such pills for years.  Our Town is a “Drug Free” Workplace, but obviously that is no longer true and the Town Council has not address the issue except for Mayor Miller and that also was a reason for Tebo’s false accusations against Miller to remove her from the council.


  • Tebo has allowed other councilors such as Brown, Bullard, Jefferson and Lofton to interrupt or spend time shooting the breeze in Tebo’s office but she singled out Miller and decided because of her dislike of Miller that Miller would not have the ability to ask for help and Ms. Tebo as a result denied Miller and subsequently had Miller removed from office.


  • Tebo did not provide for a restrictive fund for Local Option Fuel Tax revenue by reason that she did not wish to determine what the statute stated. Instead she allowed Rhett Bullard, and the other two members of the council spend LOFT funds on anything they wished.  This gave Tebo the ability to spend, spend, spend, without utilizing such funds for its intended purpose of fixing roadways, and providing safety crossings and other definitions under “Transportation”  It is estimated that under her position as manager over $750,000 was spent without her advising the council that it was possibly against the law and no work other than that which was contracted for $6000 near Lofton’s rental was fixed.  All roads remain with potholes and cracks in White Springs because she has not handled the problems with due diligence and under the law.


  • The Charter states: Provide staff support services for the Mayor and Council members.” Yet Ms. Tebo has refused in the four years she has operated as a Town Manager to assist Mayor Miller, and instead had others charge Miller with Malfeasance for requesting help with tables and chairs.  Yet she has continually assisted Brown, Bullard, Jefferson and Lofton, and does not consider such to be interference.


  • The Charter states: The Town Manager Shall be the purchasing agent of the Town for the purchase of all supplies and equipment in accordance with the approved Town Budget and shall also conduct all sales of surplus Town owned, seized or forfeited personal property which the Town Council may authorize to be sold as having become unnecessary or unfit to the Town’s use” Ms Tebo has usurped her power by selling and giving equipment away such as the wood splitter for the HOPE program, the Town Bus and other equipment without allowing the Council be aware of whether they may be still necessary or if they still may fit the Town’s use.


  • The Charter States: The Town Manager” shall have the responsibility for the administration and maintenance of the Classification Plan and Salary Schedule.” No such schedule has been provided nor a classification Plan which Ms. Tebo should be very aware of since she is suing over a classification plan with the City of DeBary.


  • The Charter States:The Town shall prepare a Comprehensive Land Use plan which shall be in compliance with general law. The Comprehensive Land Use Planwhen approved by the Town Council shall serve as the Town’s long term growth and expansion control plan……The Town Manager shall chair the committee.  The other four (4) members shall be electors of the Town.  This committee may utilize the services of professional land use planners to accomplish these tasks as necessary. “ Tebo should be responsible for our LDR’s and Land Use Plans, instead of discussing such items with the Town Council she leases a building to the Code Enforcement for zero dollars probably with no cost for utilities and has no suggestions since she has no interest in the Town of White Springs or its citizens. Instead she lays it on “Code enforcement” but has no insight herself while allowing the Code Enforcement Officer to harass citizens and trespass on citizen property.


  • The Charter states: The Manager shall develop and keep current an Administrative code for the purpose of implementing ordinances passed by the Town Council.”   Ordinances have not been retained in an area where one could easily access them.  Tebo does not have ordinances in a book where they may be easily accessed; instead, she allows Pam Tomlinson NOT to make copies outside of the ordinance being attached to meeting minutes and placed in a drawer. 



Now Ms. Tebo is feeling secure because it will take a 4/1 vote for her position/contract as Town Manager to be terminated.   However, in accordance with the charter, The Town Manager may be suspended by a resolution approved by the majority of the total membership of the Town Council which shall set forth the reasons for suspension and proposed removal. (WHERE WOULD ONE SEND A SUSPENSION NOTICE TO TEBO; ORANGE CITY OR LAKE CITY – BET HER DRIVER’S LICENSE IS STILL ORANGE CITY AND SHE HAS BREACHED HER CONTRACT IN THIS AND OTHER WAYS FOR FOUR YEARS)
A copy of such resolution shall be served immediately upon the Town Manager by registered mail.  The Town Manager shall have fifteen (15) days IN WHICH TO REPLY THERETO IN WRITING AND UPON REQUEST, SHALL BE AFFORDED A PUBLIC HEARING WHICH SHALL BE CONVENED BY THE Town Council not earlier than ten (10) days, no later than fifteen (15) days after such hearing is requested.  After the public hearing, if one is requested and after full consideration, the Town Council by a four-fifths vote of its total membership may adopt a final resolution of removal.  The Town Manager shall continue to receive full salary until the effective date of a final resolution of removal. 


Currently two Councilors will not vote FOR such termination of Ms. Tebo by reason that Ms. Tebo protects both Tonja Brown or Spencer Lofton or so they believe. Plus both of these councilors have taken on detrimental slander of Helen Miller for no just reason.  Yet, in order to eliminate someone who has ruined our Town’s infrastructure and who has no interest in the town so much so that we only have two months operating expense and are close to bankruptcy because Ms. Tebo does not understand how important it is to budget and save money and not hire people just because they are favored, we need to have her removed.  Frankly we cannot afford someone who does not do their job but collect a paycheck.  We are a small Town and cannot afford a Town Manager with the type of Wages we are paying Ms. Tebo.  Furthermore, cuts have to be made so that we are not bankrupt.  It is obvious for our small Town that we only need a part-time Town Manager so it would behoove the Town to find a Manager with at least a bachelor’s degree, as is required, who possibly has a sewer water certificate and experience. 
There likewise needs to be changes such as having Ms. Pam Tomlinson retire with humility and  dignity while she still can.  If the Council does not wish to terminate Ms. Tebo’s position, they may make her the “Finance Director”/ Town Clerk for which she has sent many resumes to the area near her home in Orange City.  She has stated in these letters that she is not only homesick but that she wishes to be a Town Clerk so we could offer her that position and retain her contract but she must remove herself as Town Manager and work a five day 40 hour week like the rest of the staff.


You as a citizen have the right to express your viewpoints and you may possibly assist the council by demanding they do something about a Manager who will always get paid first but who does nothing for the community…and because of her not handling the Budget Appropriately and communicating with the Council, it will be you the citizen who will take another rate hike in your Sewer and Water Bill because of the Town’s Lack of Funds.  And while you are paying that extra money, you will find Ms. Tebo in her office, doing nothing but getting paid $58,000 a year.  Is that Fair to you?




How about it?  A suit for breach of contract for monetary relief? Breach of ContractRemedies. The five basic remedies for breach of contractinclude the following: money damages, restitution, rescission, reformation, and specific performance. A money damage award includes a sum of money that is given as compensation for financial losses caused by a breach of contract.


“Breach of contract” is a legal term that describes the violation of a contract or an agreement that occurs when one party fails to fulfill its promises according to the provisions of the agreement. Sometimes it involves interfering with the ability of another party to fulfill his duties. A contract can be breached in whole or in part.

Most contracts end when both parties have fulfilled their contractual obligations, but it’s not uncommon for one party to fail to completely fulfill his or her end of the contract agreement. Breach of contract is the most common reason contract disputes are brought to court for resolution.

General Requirements 

A breach of contract suit must meet four requirements before it will be upheld by a court.

  • The plaintiff or the party who’s suing for breach of contract must show that the defendant did indeed breach the agreement’s terms.
  • The plaintiff must have done everything required of him in the contract.
  • The plaintiff must have notified the defendant of the breach before proceeding with filing a lawsuit. A notification made in writing is better than a verbal notification because it offers more substantial proof.

Breach of Fiduciary Duty Law and Legal Definition. A fiduciary duty is an obligation to act in the best interest of another party. … A person acting in a fiduciary capacity is held to a high standard of honesty and full disclosure in regard to the client and must not obtain a personal benefit at the expense of the clientIt is legally permitted for the wronged individual to sue for and receive damages as well as any profits made by the fiduciary in breach of their fiduciary dutyBreaches of fiduciary duty can have significant consequences not only for the fiduciary’sfinances, but also on their reputation.

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