Vaughn is allowed to hire a new employee while he takes over Sewer and Water which the course itself will take two years to complete

Apparently we receive funds from the State to upkeep County Road 136 and Highway 41 Rights of Way.  The State has been providing $11,720 and now $12,000 per year in a contract which will remain until 2020.
Apparently we still have access to inmates for the next two years to assist in the upkeep.  Since Ray Vaughn is doing more than one job, apparently we have hired another person by the name of Ben Frye who has worked with inmates previously.  So Mr. Frye is capable of picking up and returning inmates and Curtis Johnson also assists in the upkeep.
Now apparently our Town Manager Stacy Tebo allowed Ray Vaughn to pick another employee for White Springs.  Before last night, I had never heard the name Ben Frye, to find out he has been working for the town for two to three weeks under Ray Vaughn.  I wonder if the job was ever posted before hiring Frye and if they got rid of the white guy that lied on his application but which Ray Vaughn wished to work for him previously.
Ben Frye apparently worked for the County Road Department in the State Federal System.   He will be getting the prisioners for 3-4 days a week but at this time, the inmates are preparing the Grounds for the May Day Festival and the Folk Festival.
Councilman Tom Moore stated that Since Ray Vaughn has been training for water management, he noticed the Town is not being kept up.   He further stated he had not seen the three applicants that previously applied for the Water Wastewater possion and that this is being done on the Peter Principal.
Harry Davis will be at the June 11th Meeting with Ray Vaughn.  It will take Ray Vaughan one and one half to two years to complete his certification based on three hours a day with Harry Davis of which phone calls are made between the two two to three times daily.
I don’t know if I am to say anything about this, but why  hire a green horn to do this job.  We have an individual in White Springs who has a vested interest in our community and who owns a home, which Spencer Lofton previously leased.   Tommie Jones has had 17 years of sewer wastewater and  water experience working for Miami Dade which has a far more superior system than our own.  He is from our Town and would not take two years to get his certification but can probably complete his recertification after taking a class in Lake City.  He already knows the information but allowed his certification to go.  He is someone we need, not Ray Vaughn because currently we see problems in our Water composition.  In fact we use so much chlorine, as Tommie has stated, that he hates to even take showers in it.
Anyway what do Davis and Vaughn care.  They don’t live in White Springs and they don’t have to deal with the water.  We need someone who lives here and who cares.
After Tommie mentioned it, the overabundance of chlorine in our water, I checked for myself:
Harmful Effects of Chlorine
It is crucial you protect the health of your family and loved ones as chlorine-contaminated water can cause a number of health problems, including:
Increased Risk of Cancer
Over the years, researchers have found that people who are exposed to chlorinated water over long periods of time, have a greater risk of contracting bladder cancer. Several links have been found between chlorinated drinking water and colorectal cancer but we need more research to confirm such links. Studies have also indicated that by-products created in the process of chlorine disinfection also increase the risk of cancer. The following by-products play an integral role in causing cancer in laboratory animals:
  • Haloacetic acids (HAAs)
  • Trihalomethane (THMs)
Scientists claim that other chlorinated by-products also play a role in causing cancer. These chlorine by-products trigger the production of free radicals in the body, resulting in carcinogenic cell damage. While the concentration of these products is relatively low, scientists believe they are responsible for causing a majority of the cancers in the US.
Hazardous for Your Children’s Health
According to different studies, drinking and long-term exposure to chlorinated water can potentially increase the risks asthmatic attacks particularly in children who do not have improved airway systems. In other studies, rodents that were exposed to chloramines and chlorine developed tumors in their intestines and kidneys. If exposed to the skin, chlorine contaminated water can cause irritation and burn the skin as well.
Cell Damage
Chlorine can be described as a pesticide whose sole purpose is to cause damage to living organisms. Drinking water contaminated with chlorine destroys cells and tissues inside our body. This explains the carcinogenic behavior of chlorine.
Increases the Risk of Asthma
Drinking chorine contaminated water and swimming in chlorinated pools increases the risk of respiratory problems, such as asthma, particularly in children. Unfortunately, in some cities in the US, the concentration of chlorine in tap water is just as high as in swimming pools. This can cause skin irritation in the airways of sensitive people who are already suffering from respiratory issues, especially babies and children. Showering and bathing in chlorinated water can also increase the risk of eczema in children. Showering with unfiltered water may also cause the following symptoms:
  • Sneezing
  • Tightness in chest
  • Weak cough
  • Mild sore throat
  • Increased dryness in throat
  • Irritation in nasal passages
Apart from monitoring the chlorine content in pools, invest in carbon filters to make drinking water much safer for your children and family.
Results in Heart Problems
Chlorine added to your water supply can pose serious threats to your cardio-vascular health. Scientist, Dr. Joseph Price, conducted a test. He used two groups of chickens as his test subjects to find out the basic cause of atherosclerosis that eventually leads to strokes and heart attacks. One group of chickens was given chlorine-contaminated water to drink while the other went without.
Results confirmed all the chickens that drank the contaminated water showed some levels of heart and circulatory diseases. During winter, these chickens further displayed symptoms of poor health, such as poor circulation, reduced activity levels and shivering. The group that went without chlorine grew up much faster and displayed vigorous health.
Bad Taste and Odor
Apart from its health risks, chlorine contaminated water is a primary cause of odor and bad taste in drinking water. The unpleasant taste may cause your children to opt for less healthful beverages to hydrate and refresh themselves, such as teas, soft drinks and other sweetened drinks that are detrimental for their health. In addition, the decreased intake of water is prone to affect their health negatively.
  • Breathing in Chlorine Gas in the Shower
  • Install shower filters or invest in a house water filtration system to thoroughly protect your family from the dangers of chlorine contaminated water. Chlorine ingested from the lungs or absorbed from the skin during a 15-minute shower can be much more hazardous than drinking chlorine contaminated water.
Bad Taste and Odor in Water Supplies
  • Invest in a high quality water filtration for your home, particularly a carbon block water filter to purify drinking water so that it is safe for consumption.
I guess to add to the poor performance of our Manager, she obviously does not have the interest of this town, especially when she ignored three good applicants with the Revitalization coming to our Wastewater system and then she doesn’t look for anyone who may be experienced but to cover an added expense of a new hire, she puts Vaughn in a position he should never be in because maybe he can pass the tests like Greene…but in two years instead of 3-4 months like someone who needs to recertify and Vaughn not have any idea about the importance of the chemical composition of water like the prior applicants and Tommie Jones.
Of course, she, Tebo,  doesn’t live here and drinks designer water while working, when she is in Town Hall, and of course she doesn’t have to bathe in the over chlorinated water.  Heck if I boil water, the entire bottom of the kettle looks like white chlorine which you would put in a pool.  I am not amused.
Apparently Ray Vaughn saw Anita River’s post about the yellow water on Facebook and went out earlier to flush the line.  He contends the yellow water is not the problem of the town but attributed to River’s personal piping….Really, what a joke.  Have you seen their home which is virtually new and their piping has to be as well!
Ray Vaughn also cleaned the Ditches at the Tommie Jones Residence.  He did it once but was asked to dig deeper and he did that on Friday.  He will be setting aside Fridays to ditch digging.


Also, something is very confusing to me.  We were told previously that the prison system would not allow Vaughn to pick up inmates…..yet we hire Frye and wallah, Frye can pick up inmates!!!
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